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  1. My mother thought I was uncle frank at the end of her life. What does that say to you ?
  2. I could put number plates on my car which coppied the same as yours if it was same model and colour..allowing me to speed, park illegally, rob a bank, knock people over etc...the police would come knocking on YOUR door, not mine.
  3. In terms of man and our existence there's not much more to find out...A chap named Darwin did it for you. What is still questionable is the Universe and its creation..science is still working on that. Religion on the other hand as an explanation uses a book written by ancient men who thought water could be turned into wine just by touching it...which has been disproved scientifically.
  4. That documentary I believe was on "Yesterday". If I recall the area depicted in the bible is not the area found in the documentary. It also went further to explain 'The parting of the sea' as a tidal phenomena for that area. I don't recall 'chariot wheels' mentioned or any wheels for that matter...but as the waters are very shallow for the area found, it isn't beyond the imagination that a wheel could have been found considering wheels were in regular use at the time. The parting was likely a natural event rather than the 'Hand of God'. Like you I'll also see if I can find a link.
  5. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=126
  6. I don't think Eric would buy those unless he has a serious poor taste in interior design, and used it as wallpaper. He could paste them into a scrapbook for bedtime reading though...
  7. I think what teeny is saying and I'm prepared to be corrected..her God will protect if you have faith/trust/belief. Other than that it's a crapshoot.
  8. So am I misguided if I believe in Thor? If Thor appears at the bottom of my bed after preying to him, am I delusional? Or is Thor in reality your God dressed in horns and sheepskins..considering your God is the one and only? Another question..what wouldn't you do if your God requested it of you?
  9. I'd imagine most people are up by that time buttering toast. The leaves btw are now Brown mush which is very slippery..we had them over in Ranmoor the other day blowing the mush into the road..nice clean paths now.
  10. Surely if you strike your constituents are not represented..unless you have a 'backup MP'.
  11. Probably up there in the top 10 of my fav Brit actors. I'm off to petition God...grr!
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