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Disgusted With PIP Decision

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Reading through these stories i am disgusted by the way people are treated and i think one answer would be that people accompanying anyone attending appointments ought to leave them on the ground floor and go up and request that doctors assessing them go downstairs to assess them or otherwise they will have to go home without being assessed, take photographic evidence and produce this at the subsequent appeal

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Received my decision letter today. Don't qualify. Only 5 points. In tears. I know they count on people to give up but I seriously wonder if the fight will be worth the effort and heartache.


You've got a month to do the "mandatory reconsideration " that is necessary before the appeal.


Yes, it could be worth the effort as many turned down first time, get the decision reversed either in the in-house "mandatory reconsideration", or, the actual appeal, which I believe takes place in a court.


Basically the DWP is a crooked system which illegally denies many claiments PIP because its assessors are either inept, or complicite.


If you've got evidence in the form of reports from doctors etc, and, it justifies the PIP criteria, then there's a very good chance the original decision will get reversed.


Good luck, I know it's gutting to get that letter, but it's not over till the final decision is made.

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What a relief Jane. I'm glad they don't make everyone jump through hoops.


I have a good medical team fighting my corner. PIP Adviser confirmed that not a single medical report was requested or used by my decision maker. Is that even legal?!


Once I receive my assessment report- I'll be filing my mandatory reconsideration and preparing for an appeal.

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