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Disgusted With PIP Decision

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I had my assessment this week. ATOS originally wanted me to attend an Assessment Centre in Stockport. When I complained I got moved to a centre in Sheffield with an appointment only 5 days later than the original. And the place was dead. Why are they sending people so far afield- is it a twisted test?


The assessor was nice enough but it was very intense and a very emotional experience. I'm a bit panicked because a lot of people have said the assessor read their notes back to them or showed them their screen. That definitely didn't happen in my assessment.


Guess now I have to just play the waiting game but I am certainly not hopeful having read all the many horror stories online.


Also they kept focusing on the fact that I work which I though wasn't meant to affect a decision?

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We took my Stepdaughter for an appointment for PIP on Thursday. It was in Barnsley. To get into the building we had to walk up 3 flights of stairs, strangely enough to exit the building we had to walk down approx. 6 steps:loopy:. There was no mention of a lift but as I needed the toilet and I was not the person with the appointment I was sent back down the 3 flights of stairs so the lift was visible to me.


On arrival at the reception, we were greeted by an abrupt receptionist who told us that only the person with the appointment and her appointee would be allowed in the room. I was upset by this as my O/H is Stepdaughter's appointee. My Stepdaughter is a 36 year old woman who has had learning difficulties and cerebal palsy since birth so obviously it is me that does a lot of the caring.


The person we saw decided we could both go into the interview. She seemed really nice and as a nurse seemed to understand my Stepdaughters condition, but that doesn't really mean anything.


We await the decision with bated breath.

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I'm sure they just refuse the first application as a matter of course, it delays things, and they hope it will encourage some people to give up.


I'm so sorry you have to go through all this rigmarole, but it seems to be a common occurrance. Please don't give up. Be determined and see it through. You'll get there in the end.


Good Luck.

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