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Disgusted With PIP Decision

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Hello all


Today the dreaded brown envelope dropped on my door mat


I opened it wondering what the decision would be


3 POINTS and a half hearted explanation as to why my DLA will be stopped and no PIP to follow


My partner and I looked closely at the decision makers words. He/She has based their decision on the paramedics comments who undertook my assessment, an assessment that was cancelled twice by the way


There was no mention of the huge amount of supporting evidence sent in by my GP, CPN, Phsyciatrist and physiotherapist apparently because the paramedics assessment seemed, to them, as the best source of information


I do not believe the supporting evidence was even looked at


Section after section they said I was able to do everything on the list without a problem. I, according to the decision maker, can easily walk more than 200 metres without issue despite the fact that I couldn't hold my legs still throughout the assessment and nearly collapsed when they made me walk up two flights of stairs because "The lift was broken". The lift was in perfect working order when the assessment ended. I rely heavily on my walking stick, they said my "Gait" was perfectly normal. I suppose my mobility scooter is nothing more than an ornament?


I suffer with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, dissociative disorder, chronic pain syndrome, asthma, lung damage and knackered feet. I have to take morphine, fentanyl, antipsychotics, anti depressants and asthma sprays


I'm constantly moody and find it almost impossible to socially interact. My back and legs are constantly hurting and I can't walk before the pain gets too much, to top it off I can't breath after say 50 metres or so


I'm stunned and enraged that they are saying I am a liar basically wrapped up in a nice little bundle


I felt like somewhat had smacked me in the face with the biggest insult I have ever been subjected to. I composed myself and thought bugger it and started proceedings to appeal. They are going to get everything I have to give, they will not win


The CAB are involved so far and I have drafted a letter requesting a mandatory reconsideration. I have contacted MIND and Disability Sheffield too


My next step will be to get our fantastic Labour MP involved


I'm focussing my current anger on getting this mess sorted out. It will take it out of me and I will be a shell by the end of it all but I will win


Thank you for reading this post and giving me the chance to blow off a little steam


I hope your all well



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Hi Marky,


I am pleased that you are going ahead with the appeal-great stuff! It is a stressful time, as you will no doubt be fighting the battle with your head messed up. I wish there were more people like your good self that would take up the fight (of appealing), but the stress of it all breaks a lot of these “already ill” unfortunate people.


(Please don’t waste too much time or effort on the MP idea). Focus on preparing your case, steadily and methodically when you feel able. Thanks for sharing this. I hope others in your situation will be inspired to do likewise.

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The lift was a test trap , its to prove that you can walk up a flight of stairs which in their mind means you mobility is ok. Remember the Employment and Support Allowance TV trap question, how long can you sit before pain gets to much? But the assessors will not say that but worded it like what is your favourite TV program if the show more than 30 minutes no points. PIP is in a lot of ways like the ESA test totally unfair and designed to make you fail. Good luck with your appeal.

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I opened a thread about the same subject as you.Peaches responded to me and suggested that my friend contact "Fightback 4 Justice" .He did contact them and he has found them most helpful.If there is any justice ,it may take time .But hopefully you will be able to claim your financial assistance once more.


Good Luck and stay positive:)

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