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  1. Maybe get a bit on Thursday according to Countryfile
  2. I like Rolly have no experience of support groups but if I were to need one on a drop in basis I'd like a few board games, cards, things that I would be able to sit at a table and join in with.
  3. Unintentionally offended anyone V
  4. Queried where I am in the covid vaccine queue R
  5. Hi Nikki. How are you doing? 2532 and going down guys.
  6. I really enjoyed this too. Lots of twists. There's a follow up programme on tonight at 9pm on ITV1
  7. It was awful news. Today's weather has knocked my duck off because daughter upset that her day service is closed.
  8. Yes. I have an ashtray made in the 3rd year of junior school, Miss Singleton's class at Hucklow Road. It is made from clay with a bottom made with a pastry cutter and little bricks joined together and glazed in green with my initials underneath. Do you Rudds?
  9. So sorry to hear this sad news. RIP Mort
  10. That's no problem, I'n not a big chocolate lover.
  11. And you with all that money Groose. Having said that I don't know what a Moffett is so I may have to pay you. How much are we talking?
  12. He did Rudds. Do you have a fork lift truck. If not I will have to ask Groose to lend me hers
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