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  1. The OP should definately get it all in writing and pursue the official route. They could do all that and still contact the media. After all, often, the offical route goes nowhere, and, even when it works, it takes a long time. The girl is in her last year; missing chunks of time due to bureaucratic nonsense is not fair. Having this farce spread across the media will likely produce the very quick result of the school backing down. Schools have happily fined many parents for their children missing a few odd days- why should it be acceptable for them to block a child for no good reason. Seems perfectly newsworthy to me.
  2. She may have an understanding of 'Induced demand' and realise that adding roads, or widening roads, after a brief short term improvement, leads to more traffic and more congestion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induced_demand
  3. It's not that no equivalent is needed for 0-9, just that there isn't an equivalent. It's very common for numbers to be misheard, happens all the time when trying to communicate phone numbers over the phone.
  4. That's disgusting. I'd suggest you contact the media.
  5. I'm a member of the public and I have a great deal of sympathy for the genuine plight of the taxi drivers. Most of them are already on sub-minimum wage, and now they are expected to find another £70/£80 pound a week, despite the fact that , as Ash points out, they only cause "2% of the total NOx".
  6. Concerning the article you link to- it seems to have some errors. For example
  7. We'll disagree on that then. The main point I was making was that, contrary to the claim that she 'doesn't care', the fact that she put lot of time into her posts on this matter, clearly indicate that she does care.
  8. 'Commonly known' doesn't mean everyone knows. I found the information useful.
  9. So I'm talking about research in the normal everyday sense of the word i.e. finding out about things. One example would be in her post #37 where she is talking about the Labour MPs who come from very ordinary backgrounds- some people wouldn't have been aware of this. The key point I was making is that acquiring the knowledge takes a lot of time, as does writing well constructed posts, thus demonstrating, contrary to the claim of another poster, that she clearly does care.
  10. I'm obviously not talking about academic research Robin.
  11. The fact that Anna is posting some very well researched information on here, that doubtless has taken a lot of time, indicates that she very much cares.
  12. You've really got no idea of the realities. Another standard of the neoliberal system: make the forms so convoluted and difficult that 'expert' help is required for a vulnerable person to fill them in (why not issue sane forms, that don't need expert assistance?). Then make it impossible to even access that help for the forms, by requiring more convoluted forms to apply for the expert help itself
  13. As previously covered, many people cannot deal with the bureaucracy, forms and procedures necessary to engage with much of the offered 'support'. Particularly any support connected with the council. It's the neoliberal system way of doing things- offer 'support' that most of the victims can't engage with, them blame them for turning down help and 'choosing' to be homeless. Anyone who's gone through the misery of having to apply for support for an autistic child, or the bureaucratic farce of a PIP or other disability benefit assessment, will be aware of how the system blocks those legally entitled to, and, in desperate need of, proper support, by making the process so horrible that many have to give up as it worsens their mental health. Then the likes of the poster above can chirp in with, 'well, the supports out there, if they can't be bothered to engage with it, then they're choosing...... etc, etc'. Just as Cyclone says. In addition, I'd point out that when it comes to alcohol, self medication is not the only factor. When people have to endure unremitting periods of sleeping outside in the cold, alcohol abuse is almost inevitable, as alcohol, while it doesn't help the body deal with the cold, it is the only available thing which can, to some extent, numb the mind, and make the ordeal that little bit easier to bear.
  14. My comment was in reply to an implication that a ban would be unlikely to work. The ban on smoking in pubs has been very successful indeed, despite people claiming at the time that it could never work. The alleged existence of some clubs on the East Coast, and a pub in Barnsley, where smoking takes place in no way supports those claims
  15. I'm not talking about 'beggars'- I'm talking about the homeless. If charities are perpetuating the myth that homeless people turn down help (as opposed to the 'help' being totally unsuitable (an example being Medusas above), or, innaccessible due to the obscene bureaucracy surrounding it), then yes, clearly they are perpetuating a myth. These are standard systemic flaws in the majority of 'support' systems, which are responsible for the tens of thousands of disabled, mentally ill, autistic, homeless etc, etc, who are very effectively denied the support they are legally entitled to, and, desperately need, because of the rigid, inflexible bureaucracy that is necessary.
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