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  1. Pre-booking never was a thing- all that happens is that 10 minutes before the booking, your job is put on the system for available drivers to take; if there are no available drivers, it won't get taken. Booking 2 hrs, or 2 days, in advance would make no difference. For some reason, City have become considerably worse than they previously were- on days/times that previously would have had jobs taken within 5 minutues, it is now taking 20+ minutes; to the extent that I've virtually ceased using taxis as it is often quicker to walk. I've also spoken to drivers who say they've turned up for a job and the customer has been waiting an hour, with the driver having been sat parked up waiting for a job to appear on the system for the past hour also.
  2. Causal factors are very relevant to covid stats. Just because a person dies within 28 days of contracting covid, it does not necessarily follow that covid was the cause of death- there may be several causal factors eg damaged heart or other underlying condition. As long as the person would not have died if the non covid condition had been absent, then covid was not the cause of death.
  3. Nor is it meant to be. It is an explanation of the concept of causal factors. Hardly- the case was someone with a 'dodgy ticker' [damaged heart] and covid
  4. Not in the case discussed. There, there are 2 causal factors- a damaged heart and covid. https://tulip.co/blog/what-is-the-difference-between-a-causal-factor-a-root-cause/#:~:text=A causal factor can be,reduced its severity or frequency. "A causal factor can be defined as any “major unplanned, unintended contributor to an incident (a negative event or undesirable condition), that if eliminated would have either prevented the occurrence of the incident or reduced its severity or frequency. Also known as a critical causal factor or contributing cause.”"
  5. But they are in a much better position to judge when they are in a situation where it would put their safety at risk if the car behind attempted to squeeze past them- it is then both prescribed and appropriate to move temporarily into primary position.
  6. So can flu- https://www.cdc.gov/flu/highrisk/heartdisease.htm 'Studies have shown that flu illness is associated with an increase in heart attacks and stroke. A 2018 study found that the risk of having a heart attack was 6 times higher within a week of a confirmed flu infection.' Generally any kind of illness or infection will have some detrimental effect on the body as a whole. In that case it would be unwise to class it as 'death by covid'- there are 2 causal factors there, one is covid, the other is heart damage. Quite possibly, in the absence of covid, the person may have lived. Equally, in the absence of heart damage, the person may well have caught covid and survived unharmed.
  7. It just seems strange that for flu, and pretty much any other disease, death stats attempt to log the actual deaths caused by the disease, whereas covid deaths are 'within 28 days of contracting...'. Personally, in terms of planning for the futrure pandemics, I would have thought that accurate death stats for the current one, would be a priority.
  8. And the reason for doing this with covid and not with flu?
  9. Of course, goes without saying. However the same applies to flu, yet we have flu death stats without any of this bizarre 'Died within 28 days of contracting flu'.
  10. True. How about just counting the actual deaths that were actually caused by covid?
  11. They are using covid to limit the public from attending their proceedings. First bold- making it clear there is a limit to how many public can attend, while conveniently keeping the actual figure to themselves. Second bold- requiring potential attendees to email 2 days in advance; another hoop to jump through, and, from a council which is notorious for having services where emails are routinely ignored and phone numbers which nobody answers. au contraire- established by the above
  12. They are not regulated. That's kind of the point- if they were regulated they'd be presenting the usual 'official narrative'
  13. The safety testing for drugs far exceeds that for vaccines, and no drugs get on the market until they have been tested for long term safety. Pre covid, vaccines required levels of testing that were not required under the 'authorisation for emergency supply ' variations used by the US/UK and other governments because of the global pandemic. In particular, the usual requirements for long term safety testing were waived. I'm not criticising that decision whatsoever, simply pointing out that there was no long term safety testing for the covid vaccines.
  14. What they don't have is long term safety testing.
  15. Relatives of those who died of untreated cancers have hurt feelings as well https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8245313/amp/Fury-endless-showreel-NHS-staff-dancing-fooling-coronavirus-crisis.html?ico=amp_mostReadNews
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