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  1. To summarise- a FOI request to the Office of National Statistics revealing that a total of just over 17,000 deaths purely from covid with no other underlying causes; in a country where 700,000 people die each year. Several billion pounds spent on lockdowns, the damage to civil liberties, public mental health. The figures for those who died through not being able to access non-covid medical treatments [cancer etc] isn't known, but I can't see it being as low as 17,000. He's not asking what you would do, but what you did.
  2. Yes. If the vaccine had been a free choice, there would never have been a problem. The coercion used in this country [unvaxxed people losing their jobs] and the legal compulsion used in other countries were very wrong.
  3. Yes, unfortunately, despite the removal of legal compulsion, it did seem to be saying that organisations could still maintain 'measures' if they choose. IMO, it should be illegal for organisations to insist on masks or proof of vaccination. Given the virtue signalling opportunities, delusion and bureaucrats, I expect some will want to continue to impose the silly measures on people; however, I expect that organisations with competitors will quickly shed them, for the obvious reason that most customers will simply take their custom to places where they don't have to jump through stupid hoops.
  4. Have you any theories as to the actual causal mechanisms by which masking and the other measures seems to have increased cases in those other countries? I'd forget about getting anything remotely rational from the suppressionists at the moment- they've got nothing. They were prone to mainly ad hominem attacks even before this novel demonstration of sanity from the authorities, so from now on I'm guessing they'll be throwing even more.
  5. That's a good point. Currently no reason to suppose that all this can't be rolled out again at the appearance of a 'variation'. We need a proper objective cost/benefit analysis and then legislation to ensure that never again can these suppressionist measures be rolled out. So, as things stand, are people who test positive unable to go to work?
  6. Excellent news As I understand it though, the obsessive testing is to continue??
  7. Yes. I suspect that she's been a godsend for the preservation of mental health in a lot of the people who could see right through the suppressionist methods and must have been, like me, very disturbed at the majority of the medias totally biased presentations.
  8. Irrelevant though, as that applies to flights to any destination, so- Still stands.....and I'm guessing it will be Turkey I and several others have been going on about that distinction almost from the very start- the hysterical response was to label us as 'conspiracy theorists'!!
  9. Not saying you're this type of person, I don't know you. But throughout this, a lot of those who supported various mandetory measures [masking/lockdowns] similarly claimed to be against forced/coerced vaccination; yet they did and said very little when the authorities started moves towards them. It was left to conspiracy theorits and alt-righters to speak in opposition to them, which again, is a shame, because now a lot of those who truly value civil liberties will remember that, when it came down to it, the alt-right and conspiracy theorists were the only ones who cared enough to actually oppose forced/coerced vaccinations. As long as you continue to dismiss them all as gullible idiots, you will continue to wonder. Don't you think that someone who sees 'conspiracy theorist' in anyone who disagrees with her on these issues, has an obsession that could be bordering on mental illness. Or is it that you, like many, see 'mental illness' as a very negative thing? Bear in mind that people who are depressed or suffer from anxiety are technically mentally unwell ['ill'], so it not an inappropriate label for someone who sees conspiracy theorists everywhere. Also, is it not a shameful thing for her to be repeatedly calling me a 'conspiracy theorist', when I am nothing of the kind/
  10. None, hence why it is such a shame that their legacy has been ruined by the various corporate interests and authoritarian politicians who forced and coerced people to have an injection they didn't want. I'm not going to waste my time engaging with people who lie about me. I've commented before on your obsession with conspiracy theories, which now seems to be bordering on mental illness.
  11. Shame then that their legacy has been severely tarnished by those who insisted on compulsory and coerced vaccines.
  12. We need more of this- people standing up and saying no to the bullies. No- reporting ad hominem attacks as they are toxic to a 'decent argument' Why not just repost the question? You know what it is [it's your question] so a repost is a great deal easier than expecting someone to trawl backwards through pages to track down a post number. Another ad hominem attack [toxic to a 'decent argument']
  13. Why has it taken the media so long to look at something so obvious that I was posting about it a month ago? And why was I back then being labelled as some kind of conspiracy theorist for pointing out that the statistics being issued would inevitably be wrong because they didn't distinguish between those in hospital because of covid, from those in hospital for non-covid reasons who'd just happened to test positive for it.
  14. " Before United's vaccination requirements were put in place, "tragically, more than one United employee on average *per week* was dying from COVID," Kirby said. "But we’ve now gone eight straight weeks with zero COVID-related deaths among our vaccinated employees." Omicron is less severe than what came before. He added: "While we have about 3,000 employees who are currently positive for COVID, zero of our vaccinated employees are currently hospitalized." Err.... Omicron is less severe than what came before. United’s prior experience and nationwide COVID data suggests "there are approximately 8-10 United employees who are alive today because of our vaccine requirement," said Kirby." Suggests nothing of the kind. I'm not saying the vaccine isn't useful, but all the above can be equally well due soley to omicron being far less likely to lead to hospitalisations and deaths. Kirby is seeing what Kirby wants to see. Really sinister that you're now stalking him across different forums. Nice to see how well your son can swim. Very wise to teach him that it is a lesson in life. As an autistic person I can very well relate to this kind of harrassment from various petty officials who are expert only in rigidly applying blanket rules and policies. Your boy appears to be a natural prodigy in the art of swimming and the fact that this person [and their manager] try to maintain he can't swim [!!!!!] purely because he's not using an officaial stroke, shows them for what they are- bureaucratic cogs. Trust me, for many equally highly talented autistic people, life is the same- a series of harrassment and blocks from talentless neurotypicals who've faked their way into postions of authority where they then try to impose their own level of utter mediocrity on as many as they can. You need to grow up. What a ................!! Is it all right to stalk someone across multiple forums simply because they disagree with you. It does. I agree.
  15. I didn't say seeing a child wearing a mask was normal, or anything like that.
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