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  1. 'Living with covid' will involve cases rising and falling over time. Spring is the best time of year for a big increase in cases.
  2. Anyone going to consider the huge amount of hassle renaming would cause the residents of the road?
  3. "involving or based on a hypothesis" in this case, a hypothesis which is not actually possible! You're seeing things very much from your own perspective. The world doesn't revolve around you- there are other people who experience and see things in a very different way. I see those who, from my perspective, sold their, mine and everyone elses civil liberties down the river due to their irrational fear, acceptance of scaremongering official narrative statistics and love of virtue signalling, as being the very antithesis of 'socially responsible'. They also strike me as highly selfish.
  4. No- to be hypothetical it must be possible for the problem to exist. The 'problem' of everyone choosing to not get vaccinated obviously cannot exist, as the majority have already had it.
  5. No defence needed- the 'problem' you're talking about [everyone choosing to not be vaccinated] does not exist, It's not hypothetical as it cannpt possibly be the case that no-one gets vaccinated- they've been vaccinated already. Well, other than care workers, now the govt has given up on compulsory vaccinations for NHS staff, we are in a world where everyone is allowed to enjoy civil liberty and opt out; so, if you're right there will be a 'catastrophic impact that would have on the NHS and economy of the country', won't there? [I rather doubt it myself].
  6. no I think no-body should be forced to have a covid jab They won't- the majority will have the jab; the majority already have had the jab!
  7. The majority won't opt out. It's too late anyway, the majority of the public have already had the vaccine. As far as I'm concerned no one should be forced to have the covid vaccination. Omicron is far too harmless to justify such a degredation of civil liberty.
  8. No, they'rehappy for those who want to get vaccinated to get vaccinated; they're not happy for those who choose not to get vaccinated to be forced to get vaccinated- they are pro choice and anti coercion. I am. They won't all decide to opt out- the majority want the vaccine.
  9. Will this 'road tax' be based on emissions like the car 'road tax' is? Did it examine how much the overall savings to society would be for each extra cyclist? [e.g. less cost to the NHS from conditions associated with lack of exercise, such as heart disease/stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity etc, etc]. Cos if they are more than £4,915 then it's money well spent. It's not the most common one though, is it? The main 'moans' about the majority of cycle paths is that they're just thin strips of paint at the edge of the road, in the gutter, along with various debris and trash; in a position where, much of the time, it's simply not safe to be cycling in them. Then there are the cars parked on them, etc.
  10. Anyother interesting video from Dr Keith Campbell addressing the BBC 'debunk' of ivermectin. Shows the shoddy practices of the mainstream media in their reporting when it came to the official narrative. [personally I've no interest in ivermectin as I've not looked into it, the video is interesting because it shows what actually happens when actual science is applied to this kind of 'debunk'].
  11. We also had the farce of police running drones over the countyside and fining lone walkers- rathering embarrisngly and publically overturned by the authorites; but, worth remembering how these petty officials go over the top, and, how plenty of the public thought this kind of stuff was OK. Not really- I did secure a doctors letter explaining I had medical reasons to be outside, just in case any officials tried to object.
  12. If you've had your daily allocation of 'out', then, at that point, you can't go to the park. It really is quite nightmarish re-reading what happened back then. Personally I ignored it all and went out as often as I wanted. More sobering now in hindsight, as the chances of transmission outdoors are now known to be virtually zero; whereas the known benefits of outdoor exercise are vast, so preventing people going out [opps, sorry, limiting going out to once a day] certainly did way more harm than good. I too hope that if ever such draconian rubbish is attempted again, that the people just stick 2 fingers up at it and continue with life as normal.
  13. where it says you can only go out once a day. Some people like to go out twice, or even more.
  14. I'd suggest 'don't feed the troll' is the best course of action here
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