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  1. Presumably you mean 'Why would they want to do that?'
  2. Because parents who wish to immunise their children against measles, but don't want them having the triple vaccine jab, could go ahead and get them the measles jab.
  3. I expect that vaccine uptake would be higher if the single measles jab were available on the NHS.
  4. Do you have access to the actual official reasoning behind this company policy? If so, what is it?
  5. Yes- because you've just posted this on a public forum
  6. Though at many times of the day your chances of getting a taxi to turn up is far from adequate.
  7. None of the drugs obtainable legally in the UK are suitable for reliable euthanasia- in overdose they tend to leave you alive while destroying liver or kidney function. Barbiturates are viable, but, made illegal, in large part because so many people used them successfully for suicide.
  8. Here's a list with around 25 foodbanks for Sheffield- http://www.sheffieldfoodbank.org.uk/food-bank-list/
  9. TBH I'm more bothered by the smell of those who reek of chemicals and perfume.
  10. Would be interesting to compare the profit made from vaccines to that made from ivermectin. The companies mentioned will certainly have done so and that information would be key in any decisions they make.
  11. They look very respectable https://www.azonetwork.com/
  12. Prior to covid I would also have thought that right/left wing shouldn't have made much difference when it came to a pandemic and the associated compliance decisions. It perplexed me greatly why, whenever I found a source of info that seemed sane to me, that it was inevitably a source that was either right wing, or labelled as such. I honestly can't think of a single left wing source that challenged the measures, objected to the lockdowns- in fact the majority of left wing sources only called out for yet more measures, more restrictions, more censorship, etc. In hindsight, I can now see why the left are like that- watching the increasing woke hysteria with all the attendant demands for restrictions, and, especially censorship, also makes things a bit clearer. It was about compliance, and, any caring, was for a select group of the population, and damn the rest to hell. That is not 'caring'. Children died of cancer unable to see their parents. Buisnesses and lives ruined. As predicted by some, the NHS now further crippled by the fall out of the lockdowns in terms of horrific waiting lists..... and plenty more which I'll not mention as I don't want to take this thread off topic.
  13. and ......'the methodological quality of Cochrane reviews is good compared to the non-Cochrane reviews ' i.e. they're better than the rest.
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