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  1. Maybe it's also due to women being more prone to the intimidation the licensing officers use to try and gain entrance to the property to see if it contains a TV . Perhaps men are just more likely to tell the officer to go away. And that is all that needs to be done- the licensing officers have no right to access to enter the home. Simply tell them 'no' and close the door.
  2. Does anyone know of any evidence that statins reduce overall mortality? I know statins have been shown to reduce mortality from further stroke and heart attack (for those who have had one already), but the studies I've seen seem to show that overall mortality is not reduced (i.e. the improved stroke/heart attack mortality is offset by increased mortality from other causes in stain users).
  3. Some "understanding and knowledge" could come from watching the linked to video, and many other documentaries of how a health based approach can yield much better results than prohibition/war on drugs. Portugal had a worse heroin problem than we do, and now has the lowest drug related death rate in Europe- acheived through redirecting funds from policing drug use, to health care for addicts.
  4. How do hybrids cost more to run? They use less fuel than 'normal' cars. A lot of City taxi drivers have switched to hybrids and I've heard no complaints- taxi drivers do a lot of mileage so if hybrids cost more to run they would not be using them.
  5. The current mess that has been there over a year with not much sign of any work being done has majorly affected traffic flow every single day- do the regulations not cover that? Plus, the reason for the major traffic flow disruption is precisely the fact that huge areas that were previously road, are fenced off so can't affect traffic flow- yet there are usually no workers working there. Contractors often get work that they can't actually carry out- putting in low bids for example (some might also mention the possibility of 'backhanders'). If the contracts only go to organisations with merit and competance, how do you explain Amey getting work?
  6. It is appearing in some commercial composts. A problem is that people who lose garden crops to it often have not heard of aminopyralid and so attribute the loss to pests or weather. Here is a petition calling to ban aminopyralid. https://www.change.org/p/dow-chemical-ban-dow-chemical-aminopyralid-herbicides-in-uk
  7. With my laptop running short on memory I did a bit of looking and found a large 164Gb folder called 'mWH8osWfxHI8dKEhcp' on my C drive. It contains a lot of files with names that seem to be random strings of characters, each file listed as being of identical size (221,184 Kb), which I find very strange. I'm reluctant to delete the folder as I have no idea if they are important, but I've never encountered a folder like this on my other computers and with it taking up 164 Gb I do want to do something about it. It's a HP laptop running win10, I've got no idea how long the folder has been there, I've restarted the computer twice, and the folder remains. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. But a lot of people do understand how things like PFI contracts are leeching the NHS of millions and that there is no end of private and corporate interest in coming up with more innovative schemes to extract as much cash from the NHS as they possibly can. So yes- not ALL private involvement is a problem, but a lot of it most certainly is, and it is perfectly appropriate that people remain very suspicious about private company interest, because all those companies are motivated by, is profit.
  9. Management consultants are another big drain on the NHS https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/nhs-wasting-millions-management-consultants-1243088
  10. That is a part of it, but minor compared to the amounts of cash being leeched off by private corporations, via things like the PFI contracts https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/12/nhs-hospital-trusts-to-pay-out-further-55bn-under-pfi-scheme
  11. I'm 2/3rd through it. It is good. Could I strongly suggest that you start off a new thread purely on the documentary? I think there is a LOT to discuss about it, and, if that is done in this thread I suspect that when the usual suspects show up and do their usual tactic of not engaging with the actual points, but instead attacking the posters and stirring things up to the point where mods have to declare it is 'off-topic' in this thread. It's big, and deserves a thread of it's own.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on this Anna, I'm watching it now.
  13. By the time it's sold it'll be too late, and there will be no political suicide as by election time the electorate will be sufficiently distracted by the latest smokescreen/scapegoat, probably something to do with immigration again. Decades ago it would have been viewed as inconcievable that things like the expenses scandal, MPs lying openly, displaying unashamed total lack of integrity, covering up banking and corporate criminality, etc, etc, etc would lead to anything but 'political suicide'. Clearly, it didn't. Be very wary of thinking that there is a limit to how far things can be pushed before the voting public reach 'breaking point'- by all evidence of the past few decades, there is no such limit. Whilever neoliberalism reigns, the NHS sale is most definitly on the table, and, America would LOVE to get it's teeth into it.
  14. I don't own a car, would be happy to see the end of them, have flown once in my life, happy to not fly again, and am on a near vegan diet. stopping deforestation would be very, very useful
  15. Going down Barber Rd to Sainsburies earlier tonight, I saw an incident where several youths were launching fireworks across the road, apparently aiming them at a shop. There was a small crowd of students in front of me who were being held up, clearly fearful of walking ahead due to the fact that powerful fireworks where being launched horizontally and exploding in the road. As it calmed down and I continued towards Sainsburies, looking up the side road where they had run to, there was a firework going off under a car! Two nights ago, I was on the Wicker- again there were several large explosions up in front, people looking rightfully scared. Someone had aimed fireworks into one of the shops and was now banging on the door that had been closed, seemingly deranged and obviously had some issue with the shop owner. I don't really go out much at night this time of year, so the fact that I've seen two seperate instances of fireworks being used as weapons, suggests that this is more common than you'd suppose? Has anyone else encountered this kind of thing this year? It's sickening to think what would have happened if someone had been stood in the middle of it- these were not small explosions- these are instances of fireworks being used as firearms.
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