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  1. That's not panic buying. There is a second full lockdown coming, which is insane, and could well lead to a total collapse of what is left of the economy. The lunatics are truly in charge of the asylum. Stocking up is a very sensible thing to do.
  2. When I said 'the lockdowns are certainly having a very negative effect on those with mental health issues' I was not saying that they don't like them; rather I was referring to the fact that it will cause breakdowns and suicides. My solution is to not have a second full lockdown: to cease the scaremongering, protect those of the vulnerable who want to be protected, and let everyone else get on with their lives. Cease destroying the economy, destroying people's jobs, harming those with mental health issues, allow those with cancer, pre-cancer, heart issues and all other medical conditions to access medical care. Cease the censorship of experts and public who question the official narrative.
  3. Well there certainly won't be any 'panic buying' this time around. However, anyone with a brain and a memory of the 1st lockdown is very likely to do some rational and intelligent stock purchasing to ensure that they can eat, wash and wipe their bottoms.
  4. The lockdowns are certainly having a very negative effect on those with mental health issues, and their welfare has been a very low priority when coming to the decision to inflict a 2nd full lockdown on us.
  5. You should watch the video- he does go into depth as to how what is happening now is not a 'second wave'. https://youtu.be/5y51GICqL9E
  6. And they should also look into the immediate precursors- starting with the scapegoating of disabled minorities and the gradual erosion of civil liberties, especially those taken under the guise of a threat made more extreme by scaremongering.
  7. Are you sure- I didn't catch that in his broadcast, and none of the summeries seem to be picking up on it. I come from a minority group that has a nine times higher suicide rate than the national average [at the best of times] i.e. we tend to choose to die rather than endure the hostility inflicted upon us by this society which is created by, and for, neurotypicals who, in the main, seem unable to have empathy for any neurotype other than their own, and, again, that is in the best of times, and this current hysteria is only going to increase that. I do know what real trauma looks like, and any assumption that it must involve bombs and mutilations is somewhat blinkered.
  8. Whatever the number covid actually kills, you can be sure that the number of deaths the authorities attribute to covid, will be far, far higher. Especially when the true horrific consequences of deaths caused by their lockdown start to become apparent- at that point it is not in their best interests to pursue honesty with regard to the deaths attributed to covid. Deaths with covid, are not deaths from covid, especially now we are starting to see how many people have had covid and remained completely free of symptoms. The same is true of course, of the numbers of deaths [caused by the lockdown] from mental health issues, unemployment, lack of access to medical treatment etc....... could be 100s of thousands? a million, 2 million? who knows?
  9. Didn't someone say earlier that there was to be a vote about the potential lockdown to happen next week before the anouncment? If so, what has happened to that vote now?!
  10. No, he didn't. Most harm in this world done by humans to other humans, has/is been done by well intentioned, but, deluded people. That is certainly the case when it comes to Covid. The authorities and their pet media have scaremongered with the covid statistics, and mainly ignored the equally horrific stats about deaths from mental heath issues, unemployment, destroyed small businesses and denied medical treatment- the public have been denied important facts and important opposing expert viewpoints.
  11. There has been very estensive suppression and censorship, many people have been deplatformed from youtube, facebook and twitter for questioning the official narrative.
  12. But at this point, the most concerning thing is the amount of suppression and censoring of anyone, expert or otherwise, who questions the ongoing covid narrative- the public getting their info from the establishment media have no idea of the volume of opposition to further lockdowns, or, the amount of evidence that contradicts what the governments chosen sources are saying. There are riots in Europe- more people than you might think are seeing right through this.
  13. The previous 'mathematical model' predictions have been totally innacurate- scaremongering. I've also heard many accounts from people whose relatives have had covid put on the death certificate when they died of something else. There are also a lot of people with covid who have no symptoms- it is harmless to them, Yet if they test positive for covid and then die of something else, it is covid that will go on the death certificate.
  14. There is no sense in a second lockdown- the strange thing isn't that Schools and universities stay open, but that everything else closes, which will turn the current economic disaster into a catastrophe; many business will not open again. As for the damage in terms of massive unemployment, mental health consequences, etc, etc..... Deaths within 28 days of positive test [many of which are not even covid deaths] in the UK [population 67,886,011] today? 326 https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/?_ga=2.235857800.844008833.1604141264-201961966.1585217610 [when cancer daily deaths are generally 450/day]. Humanity has completely lost the plot
  15. That video was posted earlier in the thread- it is well worth a watch as it is an interview with an Chief Scientific Officer in Allergy Respiratory Research who very much disagrees with the official narrative on the lockdown/covid. I'm unable to locate the original post with the video link- has it been removed?
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