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  1. i,m with you on this it would be a cure for crime over night plain and simple Logic.
  2. yes just bury your head in the sand these things never happen in this day and age, your whole existence may be akin to bobby Ewing's dream in the hit show Dallas.
  3. had a few mates with the same problem think the trick is buy a pick up no doors to bend open van vault on back and unload all your tools other wise it will just carry on happening its sad but the government is only making it worse
  4. what then get life in prison for burning some thieving low life's muddled thinking springs to mind:loopy:
  5. well that's very funny because when we had to go a few years back it was full of older people pulling up in £50 £60 grand cars dressed very well stinking of money i observed loads so contrary to your Demonizing beliefs actually go and have a look for your self s10 is full of parasites Do you think a post code makes you a better person you foolish Bigot
  6. in other words there out fining innocent motorists for nothing keep up the good work south Yorkshire police farce
  7. if they don't find your keys don't you fear them waking you up and torturing you for the keys i would sooner be alive a ton of metals a ton of metal it can be easy replaced can you !
  8. Do you think it may have some thing to do with the old straw on the Donkeys Back scenario small island and all peoples from every corner of the planet heading here in large numbers NHS under strain not mention the rest housing care for the elderly maybe its just me with a wrong observation!
  9. mean while the fat cat layer cake carry on fueling range rovers. fleets of laid on
  10. basically its all down to this software in which they use & can not be beaten http://www.whywaitforever.com/dwpatoslima.html
  11. all vets are scum bags all there bothered about is feathering there own nests and use the likes of old lady's with poorly pooch's in the process why charge vasts amounts of money i'm sure some of you may figure it out if you applied i little thought:suspect:
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