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  1. My vets lets me pay in installments if I need to, I have to pay half upfront and the rest over a short period
  2. Sale Amount - Varies Location - Woodseats Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? - yep Age & Sex - varies Breed/ Mix - varies Colour/coat type - varies Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes Live in / out - either Temperament - very well handled Any special knowledge needed - one is long haired so will need some coat care General Information you can share - these piggies are either ex show, ex breeding or rescues, feel free to message me here or via my Facebook page Singing Cavy Stud
  3. Id love to take some, I'm in Woodseats myself
  4. I've got a couple available if you ant to drop me a pm, or click the link in my sig it'll take you to my facebook page
  5. 8 is a brilliant age, my oldest boy is Vegas and he's 7 and hes very doddery bless him but hes still going! The oldest I've had died a week before his 9th birthday, and a friend has one at 13
  6. Hi Hayey, have you tried Gumtree? Or Preloved?
  7. I knew it was Greg or Nigel I couldnt remember which! I've just dropped 2 of my piggies off with Greg for ops
  8. You'd be best contacting the cattery you intend to use, they vary in their requirements from what I remember asking around but it was a few years ago. As for letting him out I cant help, mine have always been indoorsy types
  9. Thanks Neeeeeeek, I'm intrigued to know which piggies they are
  10. Bear in mind if you are planning to have them outside the hutch needs to be fox proof, and any runs you invest in should have the tops covered. In the winter ideally they need protection from the cold, a shed or garage (not where cars are stored) is ideal. A good book to buy is Guinea pig lopedia, about £8 from Amazon. It lists many useful things including how much and what types of veg, what wild feeds you can go foraging for and many basic illnesses and what to do. I'm currently training to be a rodentologist, I just need to sit my exam but I never seem to find the time! Vet recommendations, Peak Vets all the way. They operated on some of my piggies and for various reasons, ans they havent lost a single one. One of the partners (I think it was Greg?) has recently done extra training on specifically small animal medicine. They are in S8 on Olivet Road, they have a facebook page which is regularly updated too.
  11. Hi! I have 13 years experience breeding and showing guinea pigs, all mine are born and raised in the house so are very tame and used to tons of noise! If you want ore info, just let me know
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