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  1. We highly recommend Whitecliffe's Builders, who have just fitted new sash windows for us as well as a substantial amount of other work. The team were very skilled and professional, they started on time every day and were always pleasant and helpful. We will have no hesitation in getting them back for further work in the future. Eric kept in touch with our project everyday and was very accomodating when we changed our mind about a couple of things. Thank you!
  2. You'd probably be best off making layer 1 green all over, and then adding a graduated layer mask to it.
  3. The same goes for any other default settings you want - colour palette, style sheets, H&Js, whatever.
  4. You might also want to have a look at www.sth.nhs.uk/patients/2-7-1.php Anyway - this might amuse you.
  5. I left my wallet in a taxi a couple of years ago - the next fare found it and handed in to the police the next day. That's probably a good place to start looking.
  6. There's a little tick box on the satellite button to turn the roads and labels off. Love the terrain feature.
  7. Anyone know where I could get manure delivered to my allotment (Archer Lane)? Preferably in bags rather than a big heap!
  8. beeper

    Wireless music anyone?

    Check out Squeezebox. I have two and am chuffed to bits with them. If you're really feeling flush you could look at the Sonos system - very nice!
  9. beeper

    Windows for mac?

    Good for you! Really glad it's worked out.
  10. beeper

    Windows for mac?

    And don't forget to ask about the MS Office student license...
  11. beeper

    Windows for mac?

    Just out of curiosity Honkytonk, what packages are you wanting to run? Office for Mac is pretty much the same as Office for Windows.
  12. beeper

    Googlemail - what's going on?

    And IMAP too this week.
  13. beeper

    Anyone else pre-order Leopard?

    Stuck it on yesterday. The standard install froze on login, conflicting with something on my Mac - but Archive and Install worked a treat. Not sure about the dock 'stacks' but a big thumbs up all the same. Just setting up Time Machine now.
  14. beeper

    Help! Apple Airport Express CD

    I have the Airport Express CD version 4.1 - a couple of years old. PM me if you want a copy.
  15. beeper

    Can anyone open a .qxp/Quark file?

    If you're still having problems PM me. I have Quark Passport here. B

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