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  1. That's generally how they work. It seems as though they put themselves on a pedistal and can do no wrong, but everyone else is just trash to them. Even when you do try to make ammends or sort things out OR even stick to anything set out by them, you're still in the wrong. It feels like the blind leading the blind. Hilariously, today we had a call (I was upstairs and didn't make it to the phone in time) from the council who left a voice mail about servicing the fire. We still haven't had time to sort that out from a year ago (we haven't used the fire in a year) and I think the last we heard from them regarding it was several months ago now. I'll be getting that sorted as soon as I find out what days off my mother has as I do not feel comfortable being left in the house alone with someone I don't know for extended periods of time. But I would bet money that the next thing we hear is about the garden (I can't manage it with pain levels and mum doesn't have the time to even do anything with it. 2 days off a week and its usually being spent cleaning around the house and other issues). We can't afford a gardener to come do something with it and when we asked them for some form of help with it they refused so. It'll be the next thing they throw up. But I digress, I've been through a lot of hard times in my life, and I refuse to let this break me down.
  2. I will be emailing the local MP and writing a formal complaint to the council as well, that's my next port of call. I have a note of when I rang yesterday but I don't think we have a record of when we rang on the 10th (just that I know we rang on the 10th). I'm just hoping it gets looked into properly and not just swept under the carpet. ---------- Post added 22-11-2017 at 15:20 ---------- BIT OF AN UPDATE Rang them up today again because something looked off on the account (saw we had some arrangements on there and I wanted to make sure the person we spoke to yesterday hadn't set them up without mums permission) and I got some what of an excuse of an answer for the reasons why the magistrates court letter/date had been sent/set up. It was apparently because letters got crosswired. Now, correct me if i'm wrong in thinking this, but if myself, my mother and the solicitor all know the amount agreed in court because we were in the same court room as the council/council representative... wouldn't they also have had the right figures/access to the right figures? So how is it that the council got their side of things wrong? The solicitor had to email someone at the council who deals with council tax for them to realise their system was incorrect, but how was it incorrect in the first place? I have also started the formal complaint route and I am now drafting an email to the local MP about it. Something needs to be done to stop this happening again, not just with us, but with other people because I very much doubt were the only ones where the 'system' has had flaws or mistakes on the account.
  3. From what I remember, as long as it was paid during the month, it was fine. The direct debit was set up to ensure it was paid each month rather than a set date for it to be paid by. Again, they are aware the DD was 'cancelled' and the woman we spoke to on the 10th Nov said as long as it's paid each month then that's completely fine BUT I'll be paying it myself on the 1st of every month from now to see if that is what keeps flagging the system in that retrospect. ---------- Post added 22-11-2017 at 08:49 ---------- We have a copy somewhere and I'll be searching the entire house today to find where my mother has put it (the house is usually turned upside down these days) but I know we do have one and I know i'll find it and make sure I'm not mistaken with the amount. But again, I very much doubt 3 people would have been mistaken as I did sit in during the hearing itself. ---------- Post added 22-11-2017 at 09:02 ---------- It's never any different in regards to the council in my opinion. I always try and give them the benifit of the doubt and try to explain to my mother what reasons could be behind things happening (IE with it not going through as a DD maybe it had just tripped in the system) but with regards to other things they just seem to believe the people who ring know nothing what so ever and that they're somewhat superior, especially speaking to the woman yesterday, it was very hard to keep my cool as she was speaking to me as though I were a child who knew absolutely nothing, even when I did say perhaps I may be wrong but until I have confirmation (IE a court letter with the agreement on) I was sticking to what I believe to be true and what my solicitor had also on her own records. I honestly do not believe the council have an ounce of common sense or compassion in regards to things like this and even when you try to sort it and get things in motion they either flat out refuse (we've had this before) or they just can't comprehend that maybe their system may not be correct and they should spend a little bit of time looking into it. It's always like pulling teeth and it just continues the cycle. If they were more helpful or if you could even get through to someone when you need to, it would help a lot of people out, rather than belittling those who may need that bit of help.
  4. Back in July, my mother was in court for non-payment of council tax (we've struggled financially for most of my life - i'm now 24 but it's been worse since I've been ill and have had my ESA stopped, they refuse to reassess but I digress). An agreement was set up between the court, the council and my mother to pay £110 each month for the current financial year, and £50 onto the arrears, which would be increased to £100 in January when another loan was paid off. It was set up through direct debit (which bounced the last 2 months due to my mother moving her money into my account as we've been dealing with an issue of identity theft) but BOTH months were paid from my bank account so NO payments have been missed what so ever. Here's my issue. Before we went to court, we disputed the amount the council said we owed because our bank statements did not match what the account stated (and it was probably close to £800 difference). The council argued and stuck their heels in, refusing to consider we may be right. We had all the evidence to prove we were right and it took the solicitor a while for them to even look into it. We were correct and the court decided to reduce the bill by £1000 in total (to make up for their mistake and deduct what we had paid). We left that issue as that mainly because we understand they have to deal with a lot of accounts and mistakes do happen. At this point, if we missed a payment, my mother would be going to jail as it had reached that point. Around 2 weeks ago, we got a copy of every statement from this year and prior years we owe money on posted through the door as well as a threat about court. Obviously knowing we had paid and not missed a payment we rang up and spoke to someone. Apparently because the DD bounced it flagged their system and that's why they were posted. The woman we spoke to said everything was still fine and we were obviously up to date with the payments. My mother explained the identity fraud issue going on and apologised for any issue it had caused because we obviously want to make sure there's no issues or faults. Yesterday, we received another letter. This time it was a magistrates summons. Again, no payment missed so there's no real reason why this has been sent. I rang up myself (mother works during the day and we tried for 2 hours after she got home yesterday to get through, to no avail). I was told the letter was sent because the amount we agreed was £110 for this year's bill and £100 for the arrears a month. I obviously know that's not true, but the good ol' council again stuck their heels in. After a good 20 minutes of arguing with this lovely woman, I was told that she would remove the summons and make a new agreement. I refused and said until I know for certain (IE have proof) that the amount has changed, I would be staying with the £110 on this year, and £50 arrears until Jan as that is what is stated on the letter from my solicitor about the agreement. I also stated I was not setting up a new DD as I do not want to be over charged and left short nor have them go against the court. She also stated that WE had cancelled the DD (we had not, it had apparently been cancelled because it bounced back on two occasions according to the call prior). She also agreed to send a copy of what is on their system - BUT i believe we have a copy somewhere in the house. What I want to know is what the hell do I do? My mother has been in a state for the past 2 weeks, hardly sleeping and just being a mess and I'm not much better off (and dealing with Severe depression and anxiety, it leaves me in a very unsteady state of worry). I don't want to be dealing with this every few months because of an error on their system or just because its a Tuesday and they want to stir things up. It's becoming a joke and I'm beyond exhausted. We constantly struggle, its not like we have money and refuse to pay or go on holidays or have cars ect. I live in a house where everything is broken and we have to gather the coppers some months to put it on the electric just to last until either I get PIP (which most months sees us until pay day) or my mother gets paid. ANY advice would be very welcome or if anyone else has faced the same issues before (PS...sorry for the very long post if anyone does read this) *PLEASE NOTE : We are currently speaking to a solicitor at Howells who came to court with us in July and she is looking into why this has happened and why their system shows a different agreement.
  5. Thank you I've decided if I'm ready to get another kitten then it'll be insured and have it's vaccinations. It's either going to be a rescue or a pet shop rescue kitten (as I'd rather make sure something from there is going to a safe home as they don't check out owners like rescue places do)
  6. A friend did that for us as she was getting worse. Nothing could be done for her unfortunetly and she has had to be out down. Still not sure what caused it 100% but one of her children also passed away last year one night and he showed no signs of being ill what so ever so. Very distraught household today but at least she's not suffering anymore. Thanks everyone for helping either wah
  7. No, we get none. Low income household (barely get through each month) but as I live at home and my mum works full time, we don't. We tried sorting it out for a reduction as only one person works in the house but apparently they don't do things like that anymore
  8. The only option (if after the list of numbers i have dont do it) is PDSA whove said most they can do is a 30% discount. My worry is its going to be veru expencive (we used pdsa years ago when a cat was ill, he had an operation and it was around 500. That would take out half a wage as well as leave us having to borrow all month to get through :/
  9. Hi, currently got a sick cat u fortunately and we don't have insurance due to being on a low income (and as one of us works full time, we can't get the benefits for Pdsa). I'm wondering if anyone knows of a vet who accepts payment instalments as right now this is our only option. I know people are going to say we should have gotten insurance but we haven't and didn't, And right now my main priority is finding somewhere To Help.
  10. I noticed I never replied to this (so 2 years on I'll reply lol) We did keep the house (THANKFULLY) and I broke down after they told us we were keeping it. We set up (AGAIN) a direct debit for rent and it's been paid every month since, and we have not missed a payment. I think the total is now at 1500 or around that which is a lovely improvement (about 1000 down from what it was). We're hoping to have it all paid off in the next few years (I'd say 3 years, give or take) and move out and have a fresh start somewhere new
  11. Looking for someone who is able to take a look at/fix my PC. Not sure what the problem is with it (possible GPU problem and problem with how I've rewired it after removing everything to clean). Professionals with experience only.
  12. We have an old gas cooker that needs uninstalling and removing and a new electric cooker fitting. Can anyone recommend any services in Sheffield or that will come out to Sheffield? Thanks
  13. I think the agreement is rent (84.05) plus £10 and the arrears stand at £2300 or around that figure. Yesterday £95 was paid.
  14. I went though the letters recently because there is a lot of other factors (including a lot of debt and stress in the household. My daughter lives with me and due to her mental health condition, I was focusing on trying to assist her with getting better as well as balancing my full time job with other issues). I understand the reason for the 'danger' and 'warning' but am still unsure why they sent letters out in the order of 'danger' which was rather harsh and terrifying to then double back on themselves somewhat and go to 'warning'. The money which would have been used to pay rent for those months had to be spent on food and household items (like a freezer and washer as they broke) and a lot of it was to pay pay-day loan companies back, even some of it was taken out of my bank account from certain companies without my consent but I am working with CAB to resolve that issue. I have re-set my direct debit back up (I did this a week or so ago) so the 1st payment due to be taken out for rent is on Oct 1st and I paid some money on my rent yesterday.
  15. This is more of a query than anything but we are seeing someone in Shelter in town for help so this is just to see if anyone has any more knowledge on the matter. The home in question is owned by Sheffield city council and we have been renting the property since '95. We have recently been served n eviction notice, with the eviction due to take place tomorrow. I have noticed upon going through my post that we had been sent two letters (one on the 8th July, and one on the 6th August I believe) regarding them telling us to pay rent arrears in total in 5 days or they would send off for a warrant of possession (N325 form). Both of these letters had a lovely red triangle saying 'DANGER' on them. I know the warrant costs £110 (which is usually added to rent arrears) and there was no change in the rent arrears during this time (except of course the usually weekly rent). We were then went another letter on the 13th August (which is 5 working days from the last 'DANGER' letter stated above, saying that we needed to contact them about sorting rent out and to come to some agreement with them. This letter was far more polite and had a 'WARNING' yellow triangle, instead of the bright red ones seen in letters before. We had set up a direct debit with the Sheffield city council to pay rent ajnd any arrears off, which had to be cancelled at the end of June due to the banks recommendation because a lot of companies were taking money out of the bank account without our permission. If we had the direct debit still in place, rent would have been paid directly on the 1st of July. I don't think its very fair that within those 7 days - only 5 of them working days, that they sent this letter out so fast. At some point, between the 13th August and the beginning of September, a warrant has been granted and I know £110 has been added to the rent arrears. I am just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the matter or has had experience with this sort of thing before.
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