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  1. Hello thanks for the replies but swarfendor43 I don't really get yours looked at that thread and it meant nothing? am I missing something on there?
  2. Hello long time no post, My forgotton Youtube never really got any views on some good videos I made a long time ago one got over 100k the most unexpected one lol of a bird chirping but most of them didn't even get 1000 views I put all the tags you could think of and especially at the time trending tags when I uploaded them heres one I thought wouldve done better It has had various titles over the years rescue dog was done a couple of months ago but gained not a lot...
  3. Hello first off I am getting a smart meter soon but I was wonder just out of curiosity can anyone tell me roughly how much ive used £ ? My Gas meter reads now 3030 / 6 . previous time I checked it not long ago it was 3000 Thanks,
  4. Hello I was wondering if anyone on here used flightradar and understood to help explain why sometimes helicopters especially sometimes show no info and it doesn't register it as a helicopter flying over? I sometimes use it when I see a loud plane or helicopter flying over just out of interest to see what it is etc but soetimes it doesn't display the helicopter it shows a plane flying over when it was a helicopter? at about 2:55 a helicopter flew over Sheffield from High Wycombe but it didn't display it as one and when I hovered over the plane it said GROON and no detail about it just N/A why does it sometimes not display anything ?
  5. Just come on the radio: P Diddy, Usher, Loon - I need a girl
  6. Ive usually have about 7-10 open and it seems to be fine
  7. Oh right I will try doing both of those things thanks!
  8. Hello I bought all different kinds of Solar lights for my garden last summer to find over the last year they all have basically stopped working some from B&M, Homebase B&Q & Sainsburys and out of 8 only 2 work a rock the lights up and a old style steet lamp. Great at first when they all worked but annoyed that they havent lasted
  9. I was talking to someone two days ago about the Arena there was an advert on tv for a concert in another city and I said less and less of the big names ever comes to sheffield anymore Ive not seen anyone decent who I like come to Sheffield in the last 5 years they are always Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham etc
  10. Hello I have a problem with my fan oven - the grill comes on when I turn just the fan oven on... has anyone had this before? It's about 3 years old I know its not a great make Lamona...
  11. Yeah Ive seen one in my garden in S7 really shocked me at first
  12. Is there a menu online ive been trying to look can't find one?
  13. Yeah I agree I am all for supporting the local butchers 100% The butchers in the Moor market are same price or cheaper than the supermarkets and you no what you are getting is top quality meat & like you say not pumped full of chemicals etc helping out local business's
  14. Not sure if this is that spooky but this has happened loads of times to me both coincidences - Singing a song in my head then turning on the radio and it be the song playing that is in my head ... - Thinking about my friend who Ive not spoke to for a few months and then the next day he has rang me or ive seen him out just bumping into him. & one time he called round to my house just to check up on me.
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