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  1. Thank you for pointing this out CallunaV. Democratic Services took more than a month to check signatures against the Sheffield electoral register, with many meetings with campaigners beforehand so that data could be submitted in a uniform and acceptable form. Democratic services have been very diligent in ensuring that, as a legally binding referendum, they could not be challenged on the 'process' and therefore the letter of the law. No, we are stuck with whichever result for 10 years. Do you want more of the same democratic deficit and general voter disillusionment for 10 more years or do you want to try something new, refreshed, revitalised, inclusive, responsive, collective?
  2. Hi someone I know is going to be doing regular bird walks in the city. If you are interested I can keep you posted. On a different note I am enjoying the company of about 20-30 Redwings who have been hanging out near Heeley Baths (the business park opposite) for the last two weeks. There's enough berries around to keep them going for another couple of weeks at the rate they've been getting through them. Just felt the need to share as feeling blessed to be able to look at them from my office window. They are on the UK red list although I am told these are probably from Norway and N.E Europe and not the breeding ones from Scotland.
  3. Surely we can't let the council get away with selling out heritage assets from under our noses to private profitters? Not when there are alternatives... https://www.change.org/p/13408180/u/23099247?utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_campaign=394207&sfmc_tk=CNlkdL3A5VEvZ4QQaUjUPawcp8mQAVlRjLuq2gUm4Q%2fz945vw832VOCEOsAtCSd0&j=394207&sfmc_sub=145245508&l=32_HTML&u=64880815&mid=7259882&jb=1 Please sign and be a part of living history.
  4. Hi I am organising a rally/procession in the city centre on 21st Oct and we would like a hearse to lead us. Does anyone have one that they would like to dust the cobwebs off and could spare an hour or so on that day? PM me if you can help or know someone who might like to. Thank you. Shelley ---------- Post added 14-10-2017 at 00:04 ---------- We have found one. Thanks to Michael Fogg Funeral Directors. http://www.foggfuneraldirectors.co.uk/ Maybe we'll see you at our procession though? https://www.facebook.com/events/131736934216878??ti=ia
  5. Yes, I got told off for typing all that in caps. But I am angry at Jeff's post so hence the caps. Being 'helpful' would not be to 'suggest' anything without doing some research and talking to the organisers. All events depend on visitors, not putting visitors off. He has still not made himself known. ---------- Post added 11-07-2017 at 14:45 ---------- Map is here - https://media.letsride.co.uk/view/83e3d29d4db5059c0218c028ebd9ce24/SHEFFIELD%20FRAME%20DIGITAL%20A3.pdf but you are right, there is nothing on the Key that says "Road Closed". It seems it goes a bit further than Hunter's Bar Roundabout, up to Endcliffe Park field entrance, where they will turn and head back to town. You will be able to get to Onslow/Rustlings road if you approach coming downhill. You will have to take a wide berth and go up through Nether Edge and Banner Cross, or round the other way from Crosspool.....can you tell I don't know where S20 is?
  6. DEAR JEFF, WHO ARE YOU TO BE POSTING SUCH (NOT) HELPFUL INFORMATION? PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN TO SHARROW VALE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION AND KEEP ABREAST OF OUR PLANS VIA THE SHARROW VALE MARKET FACEBOOK PAGE. I have noticed over time that your updates on market dates have been helpful, but on this occasion you are not being so. kind regards Former Chair of the SVCA
  7. Created within 3 months and now with only one month to sell tickets, local residents are excited to announce our Roots of Steel - Festival in a Day at Yellow Arch Studios on Saturday 14th April 2017, 3pm to midnight:- Live music line-up includes: FRANZ VON (K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade) MIK ARTISTIK'S EGO TRIP (Glastonbury Festival legend!) FUZZY JONES 20FT SQUID BLUES BAND FOREFATHERS THE SHEFFIELD SAMBA BAND KID CONVENTIONAL BONGO BERT & SOFIA THE SETTE OF ODDE VOLUMES KID CONVENTIONAL DIRTY BRASSTARDS (aka - Sheffield University Brass Band with their funk on) DJ sets from: WINSTON HAZEL (Forgemasters/Warp Records) HOT DIAMOND ACES (DJ/Percussion set) KOMPRESSION SOUNDSYSTEM TH' CAPTAIN Live visuals in the main room from ZARON MIZMERAS Plus much more TBA Spread across 3 areas, family friendly afternoon activities from 3pm till 7pm including live music, marketplace, discussion area in the Nexus room and stuff for the little un’s. FREE ENTRY FOR CHILDREN! 7pm till late adults only evening event. Boogie on down to an array of live music acts! Delicious street food vendors and deli serving all day! Day tickets are £5 for ages 15+ (3-7pm) Early Bird Tickets £10 for ages 18+ (3-12) Tier 1 - £12, 18+ 3-12 Tier 2 - £15, 18+ 3-12 on sale only at https://tickets.partyforthepeople.org/events/2940-roots-of-steel-festival You may find a bit of a tree theme as it is a fundraiser for STAG - Sheffield Tree Action Group...but we want to let our hair down from all this protesting, sorry Protecting, and have a party! Hopefully see you there!
  8. Our usual collector has moved out of Sheffield :-( So we need a new willing recycler. Doesn't have to be every two weeks but every little helps us and the environment eh? ;-) Please PM if interested, as I don't always get notified of posts left after mine, but do receive PMs. Cheers!
  9. We have about 5 bags every two weeks available for collection. It is the cross cut stuff, so suitable for animal bedding. Has also been used for composting. Would be good if we could find someone to take them away regularly, but even if you just want the odd bag do get in touch anyway...every little helps the planet! Based near the Virgin Gym, S8.
  10. Indeed. I had a mini panic about two weeks before when the same thought occurred to me. I'm sure we advertised our market first! ---------- Post added 14-04-2015 at 22:23 ---------- Dates for 2017 markets are:- April 23rd July 16th Dec 10th 12-4pm Stall holders need to get their applications in to us by the deadline which is usually set about 2 months before each market. As there are usually more applications than we can wave a stick at, your application will not be considered even for a cancellation if it is not received by the deadline. Application form available from http://www.sharrowvalecommunityassociation.co.uk
  11. I am sure I have seen a small bird of prey at the Abbeydale Picture House, but defo not an expert so can't identify it really. Perhaps someone would like to check it out?
  12. Went to find this the other day but told it was no longer in the vicinity; so, please can you let us know where this is?
  13. Same here, although Rock is not my thing, events organisation is and I have loads of contacts for stalls and a good knowledge of Operations. I possibly have a site that would work, at Unstone (on way to Chesterfield) I'll ask my friend if you like?
  14. We are a group, currently of 5, that share two plots at Meersbrook Allotments. Due to a member leaving and the cost of two plots, nevermind the work, we need to find two new members for our group. We are currently 4 girls and 1 bloke, average age around 45 (going on 25) who have our own crops to look after in a 'buddy' system but share all produce. We usually aim to put some time in every Sunday at least and so we are holding two Open Day's (Meet The Forkers) one in Feb and one in March where you can meet the team and find out how we organise things. If you are interested in joining us then please PM me for further details.
  15. Now now folks, no need to squabble. I know how frustrating this is. As the OP of the Market dates (several posts above this) and due to the fact that I had previously found trying to find dates/times of Chelsea Park Bon Fire just as frustrating for the same reason as you Bianco, I intended that this message would be the first of the thread and to annually update the dates (hence recently updated and why the event has not now passed). The reason why they are mentioned so late on in the post is that a genius moderator merged the SVMarket into one megathread...not very convenient if you just wanted to find the dates. I have brought this to their attention but they don't seem to want/or be able to 'undo the merge'. Perhaps you would like to complain to them too? As for catering...errr...welll, yes. There are usually around 80 stalls and at least 50% are food/produce, either hot or cold.
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