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Are United playing to day?


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Its all about dem blades,apparently.

Well the Togga section has been in over drive about the Owls inc how crap our ground is and all the other usual rigmeroyle and Grapps has gen us a good low down on what has happened at Owlerton and what we need to buck our sen's up a bit , But the Blades !!!!!!!!!!!now,t to seen, not a whisper so I thought that they must not be playing even though the star says that they are at poor owd Leyton Orient who look as though they are in deep trouble.

Perhaps we will get one of them threads that tell us that the Owls have lost and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!later;)

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You could do with winning this game,would make an easier playoff route if you don't see Chezzie off.


We could, but i don't know where a goal is going to come from, got a horrible feeling Orient will nick a late one....:gag:



Spoke too soon, 1-0 to Orient...:mad::mad:

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