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Sheffield's ranking in England's greatest football cities?


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Interesting piece, but their weighting system hits the Sheffield clubs at the peak of their powers, pre-1945. I think the total of League Trophies is wrong (we had one, and i'm sure the owls had 4?, but their total was 4), and by not including top flight seasons before 1945, the blades didn't leave the top flight until around 1933, and the owls were regularly up there too.


Would've been interesting to see if we were a little higher if they were rated equally. :)


The fact they chose to double the values from 1992, just as Man Utd entered their great period, suggests they wanted Manchester to finish higher than Liverpool... :D

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The other thing they've done to ensure Manchester ends higher is take the council population, rather than the municipal area that they were talking about earlier. Going by that rule Manchester United should be in Salford...


Pretty arbitrary these sorts of tables, only one real football city in the UK and that is Sheffield :)

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