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  1. Paul Simon - Graceland ELO - Out of the Blue Def Leppard - Hysteria
  2. Yes, we often recommend a quick lick of paint. It's relatively low cost and makes a big difference
  3. Presumably the one off payment buys the car and the finance leaves you with the final payment as well as the monthly payments. If I'm reading it right that is.
  4. Sorry I misread your post. If you speak to owners though they will know who it is. Tenants might not. Hope you get sorted. ---------- Post added 03-08-2016 at 23:17 ---------- And then I had a better idea. Generally the management company will set up a limited company specific to the development. Unless there another Middlewood Rise development somewhere in the UK with a property management company then I think the details can be found here https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09740108 There's a company address and if you click on the People tab there's a chap's name. Looks like he's a Director of another 21 similar companies which suggests he's part of the management company itself. If you use LinkedIn, you'll find him on there and you can connect with him and message him. It says his main company is called Harewood Associates in Bolton so you could google them too. Hope this helps.
  5. Are you a private tenant? The landlord will know
  6. Generally speaking websites like http://www.ceoemail.com are good as they give you an email address as well as the name
  7. Well, yes, if the registered address is elsewhere then it's identical. But that's not the situation the OP was asking about. Agreed but I think we've moved on from answering the initial question to recommending registering the company to a different address and then operating from the house (the business owner's house not the OPs)
  8. No, I understand that the OP is talking about the owner of the business. What I think, in case I didn't explain it fully, is that from a Landlord's point of view I don't think there's a deal of difference between an employee working at home and a business owner working from home provided the registered address is somewhere else. Yes, there will be extra post in the company name but I don't think that's any of the landlord's business.
  9. I still think a good album will always trump a greatest hits See previous thread https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1276547 That said I do listen to Springsteen's Greatest Hits quite a bit. Ocean Colour Scene's is good too
  10. We have 3 addresses we use 1) Our registered address which is our accountant's. Automatically filters out lots of junk mail 2) Our shop on South Road 3) My home address which most necessary correspondence is sent to. I own the house but am limited by a covenant restricting it from being used for trading but in reality it means things like running a retail outlet from the garage, mending cars commercially etc. I don't think my address is published anywhere in connection with the business so no disgruntled customers (not that there are any, obviously) are likely to turn up. My understanding of the OP's post is that the friend is simply working from home. I don't think it's relevant whether that's as an employee, sole trader, director or employee of your own limited company. I understand why the landlord wouldn't want the address listed publicly but can't seem him/her having an issue with a home worker and suggest you follow this with respect to using your address as well. I'd suggest using the accountant for registration address and the home address for working and correspondence. If your friend moves home, just get the mail redirected for a year
  11. You can cancel but I think you are too late as you've waited for the bill instead of acting on the letter BT sent a few weeks ago. Here's what Martin Lewis says "Under regulator Ofcom's rules, those who've taken out a line rental, broadband or mobile contract from 23 January 2014 onwards can cancel their contract penalty-free if a provider ups its monthly prices mid-term and it didn't warn you about the rise when you bought the contract. And in fact, BT says it'll let you cancel penalty-free regardless of when you signed up. To ensure you can leave penalty-free, you must let BT know you're leaving within 30 days of it giving you official notification of the price rises (which should arrive in the form of a letter). If you want to switch to another provider, you'll then have a 14-day notice period. If you just want to leave without switching to a new provider, your notice period will be 30 days." Full article at http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/phones/2016/04/bt-announces-steep-price-rises-for-home-phone-and-broadband--how-to-beat-the-hikes
  12. A company I work closely with will agree a monthly payment plan over the first year which is good for start ups. They are very good too. PM me if you want their details
  13. I'm not sure you'd (or they'd) want a mix of students and professionals. I'd suggest picking one or the other. Students are tending to be attracted by the brand new developments such as those going up in town - cleaning and concierge services included in the rent etc. Consequently I'm not sure that having students in a residential HMO is a long term strategy. I could be wrong on this though. For professionals think about houses near the hospitals as there is always good demand there due to overseas nurses and doctors. Happy to have a chat if you PM me. ---------- Post added 16-07-2016 at 23:23 ---------- I think the term "professionals" here is being used to represent workers generally rather than white collar. As opposed to students, social housing etc
  14. We own a flat and service charges are around £1150 per year. A couple of years ago the management company asked for a meeting of the owners to decide which owners would join the board to approve the accounts etc. As only 2 of us turned up (out of 50) I ended up being one of them which I didn't mind as I thought the charges were high and was considering getting rid of the management company. Since seeing the figures and schedule of maintenance though I have revised my opinion and think they are doing a decent job. That's not to say all management companies are efficient though of course
  15. If I've got my maths head on (which is debatable), there's room for a handful of houses. Happy to introduce you to our architect who will give you an appraisal. We work with developers too that may be interested in looking at it Location, layout and designation are crucial, of course
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