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  1. Quite respectable considering the number of league clubs, both past and present. But it also puts things into perspective. How do the Sheffield clubs fare in each decade or maybe every 25 years I wonder?
  2. Blades would be more likely to sell out than Bristol City. Surely?
  3. Me too, but mine was from further out. Did I mention did I'm also better looking than him? Both true.
  4. I tried that but I'm afraid that I'm too manly for it to work. Even the Sulphuric Acid leaves me with a shadow. I really don't want to grow a beard but being such a manly man.........
  5. Wimp! I use boiling Sulphuric Acid.
  6. I reckon Burton & Barnsley are nailed on for the drop, the other place will be Birmingham or Bolton. Wednesday are poor, but not as poor as the B teams. Did anyone see what I did there? B teams, geddit?
  7. 2003 actually! Thanks for the advice people. Much appreciated.
  8. Great, thanks for that! One more question if I might please. Can documents be created in libreoffice and openoffice which can then be read by microsoft office on another machine?
  9. Being a bit of a computer dinosaur, I'm used to installing programs from a disc. I've had my current pc for quite a while now as you can probably guess. I'm looking at buying an all-in-one laptop/tablet. The last time I installed Office on a laptop it came on a disc. Now I believe you have to download it online. Do you go the Microsoft, pay for it and then download it? Is it as simple as that? Is the same true of anti-virus software? If so, can anyone recommend one please?
  10. I've never quite understood the 'sympathy' for footballers whose football career ends in their mid-thirties. Does this mean that they can not be expected to do another job afterwards? ps. not a personal question directed at you, just a general observation.
  11. This thread is about the national team. Why bring Wednesday and United into it?
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