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News! A new Addition! I should soon be getting a "forever-boy" Yaaay!

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It's "excited-y pants" time, in the Talker household.


I applied to the Dog rescue for a little elderly Jacky-cross they had in the kennels. (I think he is possibly a jackahuahua, as he is really small; tinier than Trixie)


I met him last week and fell headlong for him. He's so sweet.


Today, I took my Trickster girl up to the kennels to meet him, and to see if they'd get along.


Well, they got along famously. (indeed, he liked my Trixie so well, he tried to bonk her! hehehe Still, when his pompoms are off, that might calm him down)


So, this afternoon a lovely lady came out to mine, do the home-check, to see if everything was geared up, Chez Talker for the little lad to come to live here.


That, also went well. :clap:


He is coming to visit for a half-day, and to see if he would get on and settle here.


Subject to that also going well, he is, fingers crossed, going to be allowed to be my "forever-boy", and I can be his "forever-mum"!


He will, of course, need to be neutered:- that goes without saying. I don't have any qualms about following rescue policy, and ensuring that I have no part in allowing the numbers of animals in rescues to increase.


I'm so excited, it feels like Christmas, or something!! I can't wait for it all to come to fruition!

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