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  1. I have some lovely handmade shamballa bracelets for sale , plz check out my Facebook page shamballa bracelets ( profile picture skull on bracelets) they would make lovely Christmas presents
  2. I know this is a old post but does anyone have Ann's phone number plz ?
  3. Do you know any local breeders ?
  4. I am wanting to buy two dwarf Russian hamsters one for my son and one for my daughter does anyone know the best place to buy them from so they are use to being handled ?
  5. Carsington fields is a lovely friendly quite site
  6. Posting for a friend , her beagle has escaped from her garden in the s5 area longley , she has no collar but is chipped , let me know if there is any sightings please so I can pass it on. Thanks
  7. Try getting in touch with Boney fido they are based at Walkley and think they do classes at crosspool
  8. I would recommend Boney fido, think they do house visits too. Based at Walkley
  9. They are great when we had missy spayed he even carried her out to the car for me , not many vets would do that while he had a waiting room full. They really care xx
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