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  1. gosh what a lot of sadness for you all - so very very sorry for your losses. We lost our lovely old boy last year and despite having three other cats, the house felt empty without him. We managed 3 months and then we found a sweet little kitten in one of the rescues that had been dumped in a skip and although it is different and we miss our old boy terribly, that little kitten has filled a hole in our hearts and brought us so much love I think Quiche will do the same for you too and your girls - give them a cuddle from us all - run free Sweets x
  2. love my little push mower and it is a great work out for your arms & upper body, but as others have said you cannot let the grass grow too long (it is nigh on impossible to push and you end up ripping up the grass by the roots). I do my neighbours front garden and the little verges outside both of our houses and occasionally my neighbours back garden (we don't have any grass :D )
  3. what about a furminator Medusa ??
  4. hello, I need some advice on following renting scenarios please 1. Do I need to set up a new tenancy agreement if one person has left the property, but the others have continued the tenancy and a new person has replaced the tenant who left, or do I just set up a new agreement for the new person and keep the old one for the existing tenants (who are now on a period agreement) ? 2. If I wanted to give notice, what process do I need to use and how much notice would I need to give (there have been some breaches to the agreement, but would rather take a soft approach). Would the notice be given to all tenants, even the new one if they haven't signed an agreement ? 3. If I wanted to sell the house with vacant possession, would I follow same process as 2 ? How much notice would I need to give 4. If I wanted to sell the house, but new landlord is amenable to taking over the tenancy, what process do I need to follow and how much notice would I need to give ? Confused.com :)
  5. oh poor thing - could it potentially have squeezed past some broken glass or a broken window ?
  6. Chestnut centre Blue John Caves New Mills Lady Bower reservoir Explore the Dark Peak walks Explore the White Peak walks
  7. ah yes we had this issue with a gate ... it worked perfectly and then someone got a key cut that was too short - from them on the lock was a nightmare - would work from one side, not the other, keys that worked would then stop working. Have you tried taping it as you slide the key into the barrel to reset it ?
  8. I had same issues, but not quite as 'horrific' ( ) as yesterday ... interestingly in the same part of Sheffield (but OK on the way back tonight)
  9. oh mine was horrific this morning, around 6.30am all the way through Sheffield, kept cutting out / stuttering / disappearing completely for a few mins. Thank goodness someone posted I thought I had a loose wire or worse !
  10. interesting ... I am also insured with Aviva - called them to check my insurance policy to see whether I was tied to just one place of work as I need to travel for a course and during the discussion it was revealed that my fairly expensive insurance that I'd taken out on-line did not cover me for 'commuting' !! Wonder what they thought I did in my limited free time (as they know I work FT) to rock up 25k miles per year :D They amended it (waived the fee, so kind) but it just shows how important it is to check documents.
  11. a creative writing course might be a good place to start ... I did a google for 'creative writing sheffield' ... this link looks useful: http://writingyorkshire.org/information/writing-groups/ Good luck ... never too old to learn
  12. I don't think there is ever a 'right' time, certainly I still feel the pain of losing my dogs 13 years ago, but you can make new memories and allow love for another pet to fill a little of the hole in your heart and take away some of the pain xx
  13. which is great if the cat comes home ... but then back to the old chestnut of how to find your cat if he / she is missing and lost their collar
  14. we have 4 adult cats who are in and out all day - we usually lose 2-3 collars a month I learnt my lesson long ago when I bought fab ID discs, agonising over the design, the colour, what to put on them etc ... only for them return after a few days with missing collars. Now if this could somehow link to the microchip ?? or will it be a GPS tracker ?
  15. Is anyone on EE network and heard of Pet Pal ? I just saw the ad on TV - looks like it will be some sort ot GPS tracker that you can access through an App on your phone. "EE will also be shortly launching EE Pet Pal, a new connected device that will allow customers to makes sure they don’t lose track of their four-legged friends. Further details on EE Pet Pal will be revealed soon." http://ee.co.uk/our-company/newsroom/2015/10/28/EE-targets-business-growth-as-4G-and-Internet-of-Things-drive-vital-innovation-in-healthcare-housing-and-emergency-services?WT.mc_id=ON_MEC_A_AffWin_VigLink+Inc&WT.tsrc=Affiliate if you are an EE customer you can register interest on their site: http://ee.co.uk/ee-and-me/ee-pet-pal
  16. Sheffield Council site has some info that might be worth checking out: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/libraries/readingroom/readinggroups.html
  17. how about chatting with your neighbours to see if they are interested in meeting once a month - this is what we did on our street and there are around 7-12 people who ebb & flow depending on their commitments. The person who hosts the evening gets to choose the book - next host / date is chosen at the end of that night
  18. I don't think I'm brave enough yet to try that ... I might be worrying unnecessarily, but I worry that Fergie will do some serious damage if she means business.
  19. mmmm crating might be a good idea .. perhaps with a spray of feliway too - am sure we have some in the travel crate. Hate the thought of her being even more stressed :/ Thanks Midge !
  20. hello, we lost our beautiful old boy over the summer and to fill the hole, we got a sweet little kitten a couple of weeks ago. He is already neutered and has been living in our bathroom, whilst we introduce him to our existing cats. Its gone really well with two of them, who have accepted him very quickly, steal his food, but also they kiss noses and play together. However our third cat, Feargal, is an ex-feral cat and is not taking well to the new arrival at all. With the others we let them into the bathroom and used food / toys, but with Feargal it is tricky as we cannot pick her up without causing her enormous distress. She is very frightened of people (you cannot just stroll up to her and stroke her, you have to sidle up very quietly and even then she may hiss or swipe you). She is devoted to one of our existing cats and is like his shadow and gets on OK with our other remaining cat, but she is wary now of coming back into the house if she can hear him running around and spends most of her time in the attic rooms. When she sees the kitten, she growls, hisses and charges full pelt at him. I'm worried she is going to hurt him - he is very submissive / frightened of her. Any top tips that we can try ? She is motivated by prawns so we are feeding her prawns whilst we hold him in the same room, but she is still growling
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