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  1. How do you actually obtain your online-purchased ticket though? You'd be surprised how many people don't have printers
  2. It'd be interesting to know where this place is... given our experiences with a local nursery...
  3. If you happen to spot it, can you contact the owner please? This FB link has been posted on their behalf
  4. Posting for a friend Spotted running down norton ave, away from town, brown sharpei type dog. Could not be caught
  5. Not by me, so don't message me! O2's call centre have been slightly useless, but if you ring them back, they should now be able to put you in touch with the finder
  6. Could it be the vagus nerve? http://d3j7fudf8o8iuo.cloudfront.net/var/ezwebin_site/storage/images/media/images/e-anatomy/mediastinum-anatomy-illustrations/vagus-nerve-recurrent-laryngeal-nerve/5904350-1-eng-GB/vagus-nerve-recurrent-laryngeal-nerve_medical512.jpg Tai chi may help
  7. Can you send me that on FB to share with Ulley contacts please Fishpole?
  8. If you happen to be going to Rother Valley in the next couple of days, or live near there, there's a little hound who was lost there yesterday. Please put Nici's phone number in your phone in case you see him. He lives in Rotherham, so is a fair old hike from home http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=80468#.VKGpRBAsLs
  9. The owner does appear to be on here. They posted on the pets group on this subject The 'two' stories I have seen have actually been the same one. However, if you search the pets group on the word 'poisoning', I'm sure you'll dig up threads for various locations covering at least the past ten years
  10. well that's fine for somebody from Sheffield wanting to travel into Todwick, but it's not very useful for anybody living in Todwick going about their daily life out there. How exactly is a Todwick resident supposed to get to Dinnington for instance, and given that the doctor's surgery is in Kiveton, does anybody actually think an hourly service is adequate for a sick person to nip to the doctors' and back. Is it reasonable to expect an elderly person to wait in the cold and rain for the best part of an hour for a bus back home? A doctor's appointment is potentially an afternoon outing I despair of the fact that infrastructure is no longer cohesive, and I'm damned certain that plays a large part in the mental health bill the country is shouldering
  11. He's terrified of humans and other dogs, so he's proving rather elusive
  12. This isn't an offer, in case anybody is reading... but I'd be interested to hear more info. The plan at the moment (for our circumstances) is to volunteer for support dogs, so it would take a special set of circumstances for us to change that plan, and obviously, having a 4yr old, it would be dependent on size and previous experiences the dog has had
  13. Thanks Andy It's so frustrating that this info is so difficult to find out by googling
  14. Thanks everybody Bluedragonfly, if you are a local resident, are you aware of a missing dog living wild in the area?
  15. Particularly in light of what happened on Derek Dooley way since
  16. Actually, many HE families are doing so having reassessed their priorities, changed careers, balanced childcare between them, downsized, given up holidays, and a whole heap of other stuff that becomes completely unimportant when weighed against the foundation in life you're giving your kids
  17. No cuts? So what happened to the Todwick service?
  18. The police have no targets for statistics on any sort of crime against a dog, so basically, as a dog owner, you're on your own. The police will not uphold the law. They have other targets to meet I despair of all the keyboard warriors on here. Victim blaming culture is a protection mechanism whereby the blamer is able to convince themselves it will not happen to them, because it was the victim's fault. Well, if you think victim-blaming will protect your own dog, good luck
  19. It sounds like her problems are being created by the school, not herself. Has anybody assessed her for additional educational needs? We're home edding. It's actually much easier than you think
  20. That station is a flaming nightmare. whoever cooks up the plans certainly does not travel by train, unless they teleport to the platforms. There isn't even adequate provision for replacement bus services, which, given that the railway is over 100 years old, and will be there for many years to come, is something of a necessity so engineering work can be carried out And don't get me started on the fact that we no longer have the best transport hub in the country...
  21. If you've lost a long haired dachshund, it has been found, and is currently spending the night with a friend of a friend. An attempt was made to take it to the dog pound, but they were closed for the night If it is yours, please do not pm me, as I am rarely here, but if you post here there's a fair chance a friend can text me so I can put you in touch FB screenshot shares are sooooo frustrating!
  22. I just had to share this here. The poor woman was 71. At this time, the ringroad was becoming gridlocked, as J33 on the M1 was closed and the parkway was backed up. If you were sitting in this chaos, did you see anybody driving unusually in a black toyota corolla?
  23. It's in a closed group, so it won't even let me copy the text. Posted about half an hour ago
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