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  1. Hi, I currently have 3 budgies. 2 appear to be bonded and are leaving the 3rd one out. They won't let him near them and he's lonely :( looking for a young friend for him. They live indoors in a large cage and will have daily free flight time. They're pets only and I won't be using them for breeding :)
  2. Are his chip details upto date incase anyone has taken him to be scanned? Have you called the council dog pound to report him as missing and to see if anyone's handed him in to them?
  3. grand, please can you send me a contact number via PM. Got someone that might be able to help.
  4. Thanks whiteowl, that's good to know I'm glad people are recommending PSB as they're the first ones I've spoken too. I came across their website last night and their reviews are all really good so I gave them a call this morning. I've also had Occudental recommended to me by a friend so they were my next choice and I've also rang and spoke to them. Thanks everyone
  5. I don't know how it works to be honest geared. If there's no central register than I should be ok. I only want to use the private dentist for the cosmetic stuff, for everything else I'd still like to use the NHS dentist. I wish my dentist did private work as well but I've already checked and she's doesn't
  6. Hi. I'm currently registered with an NHS dentist in Sheffield (I do pay for treatment) and I'm really happy with the treatment I recieve. However, I've recently decided that I want some work done that is purely cosmetic, so my NHS dentist won't do it, I need to see a private dentist. If I register with a private dentist, will I lose my place with the NHS dentist or can I be registered with both? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for private dentists in Sheffield? Thank you.
  7. The person that saw it at 7am wasn't the same person that reported it to Cyb1. The man that saw it at 7am didn't tell anyone about it until he arrived home later in the day and told his wife. Cyb1 probably didn't feel the need to tell us at the time the sighting was reported to her if they were sure it was a fox. As you've said yourself, why would we need to be informed about a fox? When it was reported to us later in the day, Cyb1 wasn't online and by the time she'd found out we'd been told about it, Jess had already been out to look. As you already know, the only reason I'm admin on the Tyson group is because I was the only person that knew how to create a group on facebook. I've stayed on as admin but I'm not actively involved in the search for a number of reasons. I'm purely 'behind the scenes'. The arguments and accusations aren't helping anyone, least of all Tyson. We know for sure that the dead animal was a fox, you know this as you've seen the pics for yourself so I won't be answering anymore questions regarding this particular subject.
  8. The person that posted and said they saw it at 2pm never said they reported it. I never said that the man who saw it at 7am said it was whole when he saw it. If you're going to question people, at least read what they type properly before you do! And yes, only one of the lost and found admin is actively involved in the search. I've never joined in the search for Tyson myself (for reasons that I don't have to explain to you) Highways and 101 were contacted when we were informed. You've seen the photos of the dead animal for yourself, it's obvious that it's a fox, it's face and nose can clearly be seen.
  9. Lily-Anne, when Jess said there wasn't much carnage, she means there wasn't much as in the way of size (not big enough to be Tyson) But what was there was a mess. 2 people went out to look for the body. I know Jess looked at it thoroughly and took pics, etc. I'm not sure how thoroughly the other person looked. I wasn't there myself. I was at work at the time they went to look and just caught bits of their conversation. Yes, Lost and Found admin do have scanners. However, Jess is not one of our admin and has no access to a scanner. Out of all the people actively involved in the search for Tyson, only one of them is admin in the Lost and Found group. We know the body had been in the road for a number of hours as it was a gentleman that saw it on his way to work (around 7am) and he told his wife about it when he got home from work much later that day (late afternoon) His wife then told us. Edit to add: I've just seen the photos that were taken. I'm 100% sure it's a fox. The animal was right in the middle of two lanes and it's rather squashed. But it's definitley fox coloured (much darker orange than Tyson) It also looks like it had bushy tail and appears to be really small. (Not much bigger than a cat from what I can see)
  10. Lily-Anne, yes 2 people went out to check but by the time they were alerted to it, the animal had already been in the road for a number of hours and had been hit/run over numerous times and it was in quite a mess and rather squashed which is why neither of them could be 100% sure.
  11. Lilly-Anne, please do NOT post members real names on this forum. I have removed them from your post, please don't post them again. Thank you. We've had a few people message us on here regarding a dog that was found on the motorway and taken to Flushdyke kennels. We checked this out as soon as we heard about it a few days ago and it was confirmed that it's not Tyson.
  12. Hi Sheffsand, I have sent you a pm.
  13. Hi. Someone has posted on facebook that they've found your dog. They've had him since yesterday. It was me that picked up your dog, scanned him and returned him to you the other week. But the person that's found him won't give out his address so I can't collect him and return him to you. But he is safe and I think they're planning on taking him to the pound tomorrow morning x
  14. 2 gorgeous Border Collies were found this afternoon in the S3 area. Unfortunately, neither of them are chipped. All the relevant authorities have been informed and the dogs are safe. If you are the owner or if you know who these dogs belong to, please message me. Proof of ownership will be required.
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