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  1. Yes.webt to St pats. Then Notre Dame
  2. I can't access my Pms? Any advice If you pmd me. Can you try again please?
  3. Hi. I need to find somewhere off road to take my son to practice driving.
  4. diesel. and I drive 100s of miles and week and know my car well. nothing. though a tyre had blown. my garage. M and T say engine seized . its now with Cavendish garage in Chesterfield. am awaiting their verdict.
  5. it broke down on the motorway. no warning. no lights on. garage say the engine is seized
  6. I need a new engine for a Land Rover discovery 3. advive and recommendations please
  7. Both friends I use are away at same time!! so looking for house pet sitter. 4 dogs. One very elderly. All small. One cat.
  8. Rain Rescue have kittens at the moment
  9. Hi ken Smith. yes house sitter. have spoken to Teeny. Still looking.
  10. Also looking for pet sitter. use teeny for vists but is full for sitting . need 4 nights from 28th may
  11. such a shame. was hoping to book my daughters 18th there. Had my son's there and many Sunday lunches. lovely setting.
  12. Thanks. I did before I posted this but will look again.
  13. Any one know why it's closed?
  14. Where is the best garage for a clutch repair on a Toyota Landcruiser?
  15. just phoned to book my MOT and it had changed hands!! have used them for years. The new people don't supply a courtesy car so any suggestions to a garage which does, in S8
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