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  1. I do find this case unusual especially since the judge refused to allow quite a bit of evidence. He refused to acknowledge a Drs report that the person due to several disabilities is not capable of performing any sexual act, I guess it's difficult to say he was meeting her for sex when he can't actually have sex, also the judge refused to acknowledge the conversation transcripts of which there was no mention at all of meeting for sex, as well as a fair bit of other evidence that could suggest all is not quite as it seems. But hey he looks like a paedophile so that's good enough.
  2. My mom is an OAP (don't tell her I told you) & lives in the pensioners flats at Sheffield Lane Top. Many of the tenants have dogs & all have permission from the housing association. There is a grassy communal area where some of the dogs will go for their business. All of the tenants there work together & always clean up after their dogs. Next to this area used to be a cat sanctuary so for a number of years cats would use this area, also there are a couple of foxes that come on this area, as well as many people that live in the surrounding streets that take their dogs on here too (that don't clean up). Now because of one interfering, nosey, exaggerating old woman reporting the mess (who doesn't actually live on the flats) the responsible owners are now being threatened by the housing association that they will have to get rid of their pets. Anyone have any advice as this is not down to those who live on the flats but those who live further down the street or use the grass as a shortcut to the main road (as well as the numerous cats & foxes that frequent the area). It would be a shame if responsible dog owners had to lose their pets because of the irresponsible ones,
  3. Glad to say he has now been reunited with his owners
  4. The chip company gave the address to the reception but she couldn't give it me, ok I do understand the Data Protection Law but it's just so frustrating that the owners might be going frantic when I'm desperately trying to get him back to them
  5. The good news is he is microchipped & the chip is registered through Springfield vet (& I now have his name). Bad news is the mobile number registered is invalid & couldn't get the address due to data protection. He's safe again with me tonight & I will take him to the vets in the morning see if they have more up to date details.
  6. Unfortunately not him (or a beagle) I'm afraid. At a guess I would say corgi/collie. Just trying to find someone free with a microchip scanner. He is safe with me for the time being (if anyone has a scanner please let me know)
  7. We've found a small male Black and Tan dog in Shiregreen, he is wearing a collar so if he is yours please contact me with a description of his collar & hopefully we can get you reunited
  8. Must admit I've often said the same (especially after being fleeced for years by vets for tablets for a condition my dog didn't have & paying 100's because the vet decided they needed 6 X-rays instead of a couple) once even tried charging me when the vet accidentally broke my dogs jaw when removing a tooth & they added the treatment to my bill. The problem is the temptation would also present itself to the PDSA & those paying could end up getting overcharged to finance the others. Fortunately I have now found a vet who I trust
  9. From reading through all the posts it seems it boils down to two main solutions. Get your dog from a rescue (prices variable) & you get a dog that's been health checked, usually neutered & inoculated, temperament checked & full back up & support from the rescue plus your donation goes towards helping another dog. Get your dog from a backyard breeder or Internet site (prices free upwards) & you get a dog that you don't know its temperament, usually not neutered, inoculated or health checks (you need to add these amounts to your price as well as any possible health defects that were conveniently not mentioned) you get no back up support from the seller & your contributing to more cruel backyard/puppy farmers & those that buy & sell animals on the internet. obviously there are the exceptions to the above but can you guarantee just by the "seems a nice person living in a nice house" that this person is someone you can trust? Or you can be really selfish as there's nothing more self rewarding then knowing not only have you saved your new family member but you have contributed towards saving others.
  10. Found what could be an Akita/German Shephard Cross, at Attercliffe, she was with a white Akita male but couldn't catch him. I'm heading toward the RSPCA see if she's chipped, then pound as unfortunately I can't keep her. My number is 07789003472 if you think you know who she belongs to ---------- Post added 31-12-2014 at 22:46 ---------- Just let you know she has now been picked up by her owners
  11. Thanks Posiepaws it was just an idea regarding the chocolate & agree regarding what type of poison can act it 20 mins. Although 20 mins was the timescale between the lad's giving her something. Could it not also be something she'd picked up a few days before? (Just thinking along the lines of something similar to that seasonal canine disease that keeps rearing up) I know the police are getting criticised for not taking action but im guessing they can't really until they know for sure it was a deliberate poisoning rather then an assumed one. I really feel for the family though they must be absolutely heartbroken
  12. Well as everyone knows me from my past posts, to my peril I try to play Devils advocate & try to see different sides. First I want to point out my heart breaks for the family & if it is intentional poisoning then I hope the culprits are made to pay. But the facts as I have read them are: 3 boys fed the dog something It's not known what the dog was fed as the owner was too far away The dog died 20 minutes later. I ask the questions Has a vet confirmed it was poison. (Is there any possibility it could have been an undiagnosed problem) If diagnosed poison has tests been made to ascertain what poison (could it be as simple as the boys gave the dogs chocolate - which of course can be poisonous) Do we know for certain that the poison was from the boys (the boys could have been giving the dog a stroke or some harmless food & the dog has picked the poison up elsewhere as wouldn't such a fast acting poison be pretty dangerous to handle ?)
  13. Just wondered if anyone could help or advice. As most parents I have a horse mad 14 yr daughter, she's loved horses since she was 3 so im accepting that it isn't just a faze, and she has also had riding lessons which I believe also included basic care. She doesn't ask for much (trust me Xmas & birthday is a nightmare) but whenever asked its always jokingly "a horse". you could write my horse knowledge on the back of a postage stamp and since she isn't experienced I know that buying her a horse right now wouldn't be a good idea. So I was wondering do stables take on volunteers perhaps giving responsibility to care for a horse or would horse loan be better? She is home schooled so time wouldn't be a problem although preferably within easy distance by public transport or bike to S5 preferably. ---------- Post added 14-11-2014 at 17:59 ---------- Newbiz, just wanted to check you got my pm
  14. I don't come on the forum as often as I used to but when I heard I had to come & offer my condolences. When I was a regular visitor I used to love reading about this little character & his antics. Sending you all my love & Brude run free little buddy xxx
  15. Thanks for posting this Angel I couldn't get on yesterday
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