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  1. I was told by the loud mouth passenger of the driver, he sad they have this on a daily basis and I will get nothing from them, fills me with loads of confidence, I said I would claim of their insurance, he was at fault, he reversed into me. Thats when loud mouth said i couldn't, his actual words words were, "your insurance is null and void lady, your getting nowt". Yes we did exchange details, photos, I am making a formal complaint mainly for his attitude towards me shouting at me, the driver was fine, he was calm and polite but he also said I wasn't insured as I was in "their" workspace.
  2. Hi can anyone advise please, today my car was reversed into by a contractor working in the sandaygte area, apparently I'm not insured if anything like this happens as I shouldn't be there, I was there because there was no diversion signs and I was lost, the driver reversed into my car and has totally wrecked my bumper, he said he thought I was parked up, so does this mean that anyone parked up and they hit your car your not insured?
  3. both my dogs were really poorly with parvo like symptoms after a walk in greno woods last saturday, they are both ok but the pup was really poorly, they both played in puddles and drank water, not saying its that but i walk every night in concord and go up to stanage at weekends, never had a problem before, seems rather strange, just be aware of hidden dangers
  4. I have had problems with posties too, ive had to superglue my letter box down and put a massive notice on my door with an arrow pointing to the large green post box on my wall, i came home from work one day to find the postlady unpeeling the gaffa tape on my letter box, she said i wasn't allowed to tape it down, when i explained she could get bit if she put her hands through the letter box, she replied, " i would sue you then", pfft, i understand the need for a change in law to protect posties but i think this one wanted to get bit just to see if the law works
  5. |I'm on Valentine, there's been one on here too, still a nice area tho,
  6. Hartley Brook has to be the worst, but they really are all appalling, i live on the Shiregreen estate and its lovely to drive on.
  7. Some birds are using cig butts to build their nests, the nicotine acts as a insecticide for pests, so you could use a defense as you are aiding wildlife Still, any littering i find disgusting, i often see people chucking stuff on the floor, mainly adults
  8. 2 years ago when i had to visit the PDSA, i had just been made redundant, i donated £20 (was just for them to check my dogs paw) which is nothing i know but it was all i had, there was a girl with an English Bull terrier, which had just had 10 puppies, lol, £1k each, lol, and she had the cheek to go to the PDSA, its disgusting how people abuse the system, i contribute monthly, they do an amazing job and must get really frustrated at the abusers, but its gone on for long enough and will always continue,
  9. I have a very large Bullmastiff, i muzzle him in public, i was accused the other day of trying to make my dog look hard, geez, he has 3 staffies, he has that sort of mentality then can you imagine what the dogs are like, i am a big believer of bad dogs, bad owners, however, my dog has been attacked 5 times from little dogs, where the owners did nothing, different kettle of halibut if it had been mine that attacked. I'm sorry but dogs behave differently in a pack, 5 dogs cooped up in a kitchen and a warm meat pie in the air is a recipe for disaster, its horrendous what has happened, i can bear to think what that poor girl went through.
  10. Your spot on there, i can't understand why some pensioners can't contribute either, my mum has never been as well off, she even says that, can you imagine, a group of our elders protesting to pay more council tax, lol, now that would be funny
  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9927858/MPs-get-another-100-to-help-run-their-second-homes.html sure there's something that can be done about this, they inform the "bedroom tax" then allow themselves £20,100 for a SECOND HOME, pfft, this is disgusting
  12. In Scotland, its £1 for everyone, no matter how far you travel, i think pensioners should pay at least £1 surely they can afford that out of their minimum income of £120 per week.
  13. I used to live on Hillsborough, i now live on Shiregreen, and i have to say, i prefer it where i am, i have lovely neighbours, my road is spotless, no rubbish, no dog poo, so much for the council estate scrubbers eh,
  14. i live on one of the said roads, there will be no road markings, not now, not ever, you just have to guess where they might be, and if you have a collision the insurance company can decide who's at fault, simples, argh don't ya just love sheffield
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