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Pothole Causes Death of Cyclist

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I heard about this the other day, however, I never got around to posting it. Plus, I wasn't sure what sort of reception it would get, after all, this is SF where cyclists and potholes are often fiercely debated.


This is a dreadfully sad story, one which could have been avoided had the road been maintained as it should.



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Thoughts go out to his family and friends. As a biker I know how difficult some potholes are to see, they are causing so many accidents and damage but it shouldn't come to a fatality before something is done about them.

I understand the need for traffic calming in certain areas but often the money would be better spent in repairing the roads first.

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Too right. As a cyclist this is one thing that scares me about riding in and around the city. I have already come off once as a result of a pothole. Fortunately, no damage done, however, as the story shows, these things could easily become fatal.


Are there any Sheffield-based cycling organisations that could forward this story to Sheffield Councillors? The potholes on our city roads are bad enough if you're in a car.

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