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  1. Let me get this right, it was unacceptable for interest rates to be high when you had a mortgage, but now you are mortgage free, you are complaining that the interest rates are too low and does not benefit you?
  2. I don't think he/she should should have disclosed that information with you 😕
  3. Binged on a few box sets since lockdown. Breaking Bad Narcos Making a Murderer Narcos Mexico Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich The Last Dance
  4. Hi! I am glad someone does The class of 2003. Wow - 17 years since registering on here. That really does make me feel old
  5. Hello - I remember you from days of old
  6. There's already a boat builder based alongside the canal, not too far from the old Hilton hotel.
  7. How do you know this if you do not have access to the account details?
  8. I ended up mohawking mine. Shaved to bone down sides and left a nice strip on top. Staying like that until I return to civilisation.
  9. I do hope this was an attempt at humour?
  10. I dare you to go to China and protest against the government there... I think you'll soon find out why Greta Thunberg hasn't been there and done it.
  11. The government have said time and again that there are no shortages and that the public should shop as normal. So, how have they caused this panic?
  12. How could they ever plan for something like this? Do you just expect them to magic stock, staff and resources out of thin air?
  13. Just because they have not left anything to the family doesn't necessarily mean a lack of planning. It might be they chose not to leave anything to the family.
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