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  1. And it's not the fault of the tram if drivers decide to ignore the traffic lights.
  2. Many houses on the Waverley estate get dressed up for Christmas and the estate usually has a community tree etc. Worth a walk around and having a look. How about Castleton? The entire main road in the village is decorated.
  3. It was dark. Maybe someone ran a light... Stopping at that one seems to be optional for some.
  4. Not sure what is going on at the above junction, but it appears to be quite serious. Staniforth Road is closed off and there appears to be at least 10 or so emergency vehicles, including air ambulance, in attendance. Heads up if you are driving or getting on a tram down that way.
  5. Doesn't seem to be the case where I live. Most of the houses with CCTV have been done over. The crims just simply cover their faces so they cannot be identified. Video evidence is next to useless if you cannot identify the culprit.
  6. Definitely not. Somehow they do not seem keen on the KFC. Beggars can't be choosers and all that
  7. Everytime a bird is drawn to my bird feeder they get picked off by the local bird of prey.
  8. Most crims are not deterred by CCTV because they simply cover their faces to avoid identification. If you are going to get CCTV, you need to get a system that notifies you via your mobile when movement is detected, at least then you can deal with the issue as it happens.
  9. Does the patient really need lucozade? Regardless of the advice, surely it wont hurt to cut out the high sugar drinks.
  10. What Article of the ECHR does that fall under?
  11. You do realise that homosexuals are just like you and I. They do similar things and go to similar places and associate with similar people, after all, they are just normal people going about their lives.
  12. It's your parents I feel sorry for. You are a great advertisement for contraception
  13. Maybe not but if someone were to complain about you doing so then I would imagine you would be taking a trip to local station with the police. Whether you get charged or sentence is another thing.
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