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  1. Do people queueing up for foodbanks make you laugh too?
  2. Well, certainly someone must have shared your thoughts last time.
  3. Oh dear. Is it time for the inane name-calling? Don't you realise that the intelligent people of Hallam are not buying in to the old-style nasty politics anymore? In fact, the intelligent people of anywhere, aren't. If you are so worried about Coppard's 'student army' in Hallam, perhaps they could be disenfranchised somehow, you know, like last time?
  4. Good heavens, the sneaky ******** - that's shocking!
  5. In my experience, kids do their best when they are happy.
  6. They are right though. I am more in tune with Green policies this time round than in any other election, BUT it's a fact that the polls are just too close to the wire and voting in anyone else but a Labour candidate is going to ensure a Tory government, and I think that's too high a price to pay.
  7. The people of Hallam have seen their savings add up to nothing, the real worth of their pensions and investments hit below ground level, and spiralling costs of living, whilst the fat cats get rich on their pickings from their hard work, and they don't like it. Cameron has done the people of Hallam no favours, he is only interested in keeping the South sweet, and the only way to keep Cameron out is to return as many Labour MPs as possible.
  8. Have you been on antibiotics recently? Some antibiotics can cause rashes that resemble bites if you venture in to bright sunlight. Anti-histamines should relieve the itching.
  9. Warnings have been issued on the tv this morning for drivers using M1 outside Sheffield as it is covered in smoke apparently.
  10. Yes we should. Glad you posted this. It's an absolute disgrace. They get off because of their great record in employment and because the Judge doesn't think they should lose their jobs? They are both a disgrace to their employers - ie us! Oh - and the judge as well!
  11. I sympathise with the OP. I paid well over the odds for a Kenwood which I was not impressed with and didn't last long. Then I had a Breville which outlasted the Kenwood by at least a couple of years - wasn't cheap though, but it's been the longest so far. Now I've got a Bosch - not overly impressed with it so far - first clean it had, the lettering all smudged and looks a mess and it failed to auto switch off the other day and I've only had it less than 8 months - but let's see.
  12. Nothing surprises me any more. All this is just sadder than sad. Those who knowingly prolong the suffering of victims who were once innocent children, deserve to rot along with the abusers themselves. The fact that people are being denied justice now is disgraceful. That web page is very difficult to read, by the way.
  13. Yes, you're right - capitalise was the wrong word - what I mean is - this is such an abhorrence to the masses of this country, that if one party set out a clear process to ensure they were to get to the bottom of this, then the public would be behind them.
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