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  1. I've got some stuff I can take, will drop it in as soon as I can.
  2. You can get piriton for children, it's a liquid so you should be able to put it on food etc. Hope he's sorted out soon
  3. Can I ask what the problem is with Posh Paws? Sounds like there's plenty of suggestions for your little guy's haircut anyway
  4. Does he have a freeze mark? He could be traced that way. I've found though that farriers are a good source of info, mine was telling me about a horse he'd looked after for several years through about 4 owners and it never got any older!
  5. I was wondering this myself actually. I noticed the other day in Shirebrook valley that people had gone to the effort of scooping only to leave the bag on the floor. I didn't understand the logic, especially as there are bins provided.
  6. Have you tried calling triage at Jessops? They may be able to advise or get you in for a check over. Hope the rest of the time goes well, you must be due around the same time as me.
  7. Great idea for a thread, I'll be watching to see if anyone has any tips I don't know yet. Even with 4 kids I'm sure there's something I haven't cottoned onto yet! I keep spare pants/trousers in the pocket on the back of my car seats for those oops moments when Littlest falls asleep and has an accident. If you keep these items in a carrier bag you have somewhere for the wet clothes, also carrier bags on the booster seat will stop it getting wet. I also discovered that you can get puppy training pads fairly cheap, these obviously absorb any accidents and keep your booster/car seats dry. Of course, colouring books and crayons are a must to keep in the car. Great for boring journeys or taking into restaurants etc.
  8. Hang on Alco. Something is bothering me here. How does a ghost dinosaur that is invisible to the naked eye go and get a tattoo? Would the tattoo be visible? And how did you know where to point the camera or do you have lots of photos of the road where you missed the dinosaurs?
  9. I use Beads Unlimited. The shop is in Brighton but I order online and they're delivered really quickly. They'll have everything you need. They're also the people that supply places like Hobbycraft and are loads cheaper because it's coming direct.
  10. I've only ever been asked what the value is, not what's actually in the package. I understand that's for insurance purposes and would affect cost of delivery.
  11. My dogs on the whole have been old foster dogs that have had trouble with stairs so slept in various places downstairs. One liked to curl up in the cupboard under the stairs. My 'own' dogs (they were all mine really but you know what I mean) have slept upstairs, often at the foot of the bed or under a cot. Jasper used to sleep at the top of the stairs in winter as the hot water pipes ran under the floor there. This became a problem when he began to suffer seizures
  12. It was quite an amazing thing to watch. I get that she learnt to speak even though she was deaf all her life but she had a Geordie accent too!
  13. Yes, kitten season is about upon us. And look for a tortie mum if you want a ginger kitten.
  14. £137?! It's just cost me £220 for a cam belt kit on my galaxy with quotes ranging from there up to over £400. Lien1, phone around some garages and get some quotes, don't just go to the first one.
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