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  1. Did you check your credit rating before you went there? You can check your credit rating for free on the Experian website. Have you tried to get finance previously? Not really their fault IMO. They weren't to know you wouldn't get finance when you began the process of buying a car from them.
  2. In my experience very normal. That area is very busy, not just with traffic visiting Meadowhall etc.. but as a link from the mway into the centre and the north of Sheffield. That's being said, IMO those measures will not stop that area being gridlocked most weekends when Ikea opens. There will be a massive number of extra journeys being made. The catchment for the new store is huge. Yes initial costs to do the work will be in the millions but that's nothing compared to the profit the store will generate over its lifetime.
  3. Talk about jumping to conclusions! OP's partner did a stupid thing when he was younger (walked out of hearing). OP concerned if partner has a criminal record that it may affect access to his children from his previous relationship(s) in the future. OP asks how they can find out.
  4. Its a 2nd hand car. There's always a risk. For everyone with a story of a car bought for £1000 last 5 years with no problems there will be a horror story. Check the history, has been done on time?, look around it, does it look well looked after? many owners? Cheap tyres? etc.. For that budget I would keep with petrol. Less to go wrong. Where are you looking? Private or dealer?
  5. OP, while I appreciate that you are concerned about pedestrian safety, its one of 100's of similar street in Sheffield and looking on Streetview its by no means the worse. Installing high kerbs is a none starter on a surburban street with parking either side. Maybe a polite notice put through doors will be a better route. Driver education is a lot cheaper
  6. Get a loan from your bank over 12 months and just pay it off early.
  7. Goes to prove that once you have your foot through the door all sorts of possibilities will present themselves. PS My comment was in jest hence the :-)
  8. As above. Not me but a few friends have had lease cars and most were not charged on returning their car. The only one that did had a few scratches which needed repainting. He was charged a little more than if he had it done with Dentmaster or similar. Also be wary of excess mileage charges if you go over the limit. Read the agreement fully. Its not flexible so basically you have it for the term of the lease. No early hand back.
  9. It was all sounding great until you ended up sat behind a computer in a suit :-)
  10. OP - you have missed the boat for this year for graduate places with companies that have a specific graduate intake but you probably know that anyway. You need to demonstrate that your degree gives you the advantage over other applicants who may have A levels/BTECs/NVQs etc.. You may have to take a job which a grad wouldn't normally do but you can use that as a stepping stone. Its easier to find a job if you are in a job already. I've just searched on the Hospitals and Uni sites and there are a few admin/support jobs on there. The Uni and hospital are 2 of the biggest employees in Sheffield and in my experience and always looking for staff. Have you searched for Educational posts? (not teaching but support staff in schools) SCC and surrounding LA's?
  11. Excellent news. Most buyers just have the homebuyers survey which is pretty basic and will only take the surveyor maybe an hour at the most. It looks like a well maintained house so you should be ok.
  12. Good luck in taking on Lidl and Aldi :-) Used to use Netto years ago when they first opened. Thought they had disappeared.
  13. Unusual request alert! I need to park my car and caravan near to work (St Marys Rd) on Friday when I am work so arriving approx. 7:45am, leaving at approx. 4pm. Obviously it needs to be secure and be accessible. I know there's parking at Sheffield Utd ground who I will contact today. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks
  14. http://www.romleycaravanstorage.co.uk/index.html
  15. Just about to post something very similar :-) They are tempoary so lets not get all in a tiffy.
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