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Callous cash for crash men given 10 years

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I hope the media give this some coverage time to let everyone know how dangerous things can turn out to be after a crash.


More needs to be done to let people know what do do when an incident occurs like MOVE TO A SAFE PLACE to swap details if no one is injured.

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Men who planned a car crash for 20K profit that resulted in a young woman's death were sentenced today. What a disgusting crime.


This crime type has a particular bugbear with me. Every time I get an insurance quote it's reflected by their actions. But more importantly they don't give a **** about life. Maybe the sentence should reflect how important life is...by removing it for 25yrs.


They didn't mean to cause death just isn't good enough IMO.

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That has nothing to do with it, these people caused a multiple vehicle pileup.

In the course of that pileup a van smashed into the car they targeted and the driver of the car died.


the foreign criminals should be returned to their homeland to serve the sentences. .


No because there's a chance their own government will let them out, keep them jailed for the entire 10 years and then ship them back home and never let them return.

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