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  1. It's the "if i'm not free to fiddle with kids" then my freedoms are limited logic. -Pure Smiffy -
  2. Human rights for all is a worthy cause regardless of bias IMO, it's that that defines us as civilized, regardless of others that don't conform . Homophobia and racism today exudes the same mentality that the do-gooders were fighting yesteryear. Thankfully Liberalism is the reason you're not doing 18hrs a day dahn pit for tuppence a week.
  3. The majority once thought homosexuality, womens rights, darkies, sexism, racism was just dandy and acceptable, then what happens, the minority do-gooders came along and shoved their patronizing self opinionated rock the boat noses in it. Without them we'd still have the Black n White Minstrels on a Sunday.
  4. As a term, 'do-gooder' is a negative, not a positive. What did a Quaker teacher, a Methodist preacher, a former slave, a former slaver, a ship's doctor, a businessman, an African composer, a Baron, a scholar, an outspoken widow, a lawyer and a wealthy politician have in common? 'Do-gooders'?
  5. Unless on special occasions I don't think I've heard bells ringing in a long while, other than my local church in Ranmoor, which would probably take a miracle to stop. ---------- Post added 12-05-2015 at 11:24 ---------- Wailing 5 times a day I would say it is different.
  6. Guilty as charged. It's a fair cop.
  7. Could be wrong but I doubt it. She exudes confidence and intelligence, and naturally attractive with a voice that melts.
  8. Minus a couple, yes, without any equivocation. Some Labour ministers resigned their posts I believe.
  9. After downloading my pics they for some reason now come up as publisher files and the pic wont open in publisher, not that I want it to anyway. Any advice?
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