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  1. After renting out a well maintained and decorated flat tenant has left leaving a <removed> mess in wc , fully block have poured drain cleaner in plus soda crystals opened a metal coat hanger out to try to "feel" what is round the bend. Tried janitorial supplies on attercliffe he cant help. Can anyone give advice please
  2. Thanks not tech minded and 150 didnt help
  3. My mobile gone off 150 not working so need ee shop is meadowhall open?
  4. Thinking of buying a leg circulation unit, I have cramp every day and had shallow vein thrombosis twice not very active due to heart problems also nearly 75 so has anyone got any advice on which one to get thinking of the bodi tek one. many thanks
  5. ASDA manor top did my shopping then went library. Then round to bank, back to library then back to Asda time according to the letter I received 1.26 minutes stuck to my car was the parking fine, pay in 2weeks 40.00 or later 70.00 has any one else received a ticket at Asda. And have you paid ? the company is ParkingEye The time limit a handsworth Asda is 3hours
  6. Manager southgate needs 15 men who can play football, and not be afraid of running after the ball and even kicking it at a net with a man stood in it, who maybe can stop the ball going passed him. Good amateurs can welcome.
  7. Rotatech dont sharpen chains. We went to Petre drive its £10 for the two chains. My oh knows how to sharpen them but was stumped with these. Titan name on saw.. thanks for info
  8. There used to be a place on effingham road , but cant remember name. Son needs chain saw sharpening can any one say if there is one in s9 area please
  9. I worked in palatine chambers for several years , the facade is lovely but the inside...... one council office was always wet with leakimg roof then the ceiling began to fall the plaster came off the wall the next office was fine it was on the cards for development about 8 years ago the Citidel was a ruin, some company bought the whole site. and the council moved out. ON the back of the property was the office of mp's, sommerfields warehouse and above that more offices that was cole brothers. i hope the facade is kept just for the charterer of the area
  10. well I tried chrome Wednesday as nothing was working even the card games were shaking and freezing couldn't watch the falcons or read the papers, I put the pc to sleep (cant turn it off cus it a struggle to get it back on) anyway I got up this morning and the pc had come on in the night. the screen had a big red n white H and Foxconn on I had to keep switching on and off very fast took an hour to get on (its done this before) and its been working well today got rid of 49 emails, read the papers. need a recon pc window 7
  11. I would say my PC is knackered, I really need a new one but having seen the windows 10 I know they are too high tech for me, I just want a windows 7 without bugs. my pc cant be repaired as the shop has it for 3/4 days (3 times now) and when I get it back the problem is still there it starts by freezing then a box comes up "internet explorer is not responding" windows is checking for a solution to the problem - check for a solution and close the program or close the program. another that pops up is are you sure you want to leave this page? leave this page or stay on page. click on either of those and it will pop right back up. just been using my oh tablet but get aching wrist holding it. anyone know of a recondition pc shop
  12. I returned mine via freepost RTHS-TLXL..the conservative party , 4 Matthew Parkers St London, SW1H 9HQ. after I had written on each page my thoughts.
  13. Hi tinfoilhat, thanks for that advice I never thought of those pens, I went to hobbycraft as they are closest to me and got 2 at £1.90 each
  14. Hi, I have 3 igloo books that need wipe clean pens, all the pens are 'empty' so the book are useless, is there anywhere that sell the pens. I have tried using felt-tips but they smudge. can any mum help please could do with a wipe clean title!!!
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