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  1. the petition needed 100,000 its now on 105,000
  2. with black cabs a lot of them don't seem to no were there going ,but private cabs seem to .
  3. the petition is now over 100,000 carry on signing.
  4. so who are the main grooming gangs then, not individual men,gangs.
  5. women on sheffonline,also say they were touched up by these gangs when walking past them when they were teenagers around the arcade , some also say pondsforge and the peace gardens aswell.
  6. nothin rong wiv my inglish Bendix, I wonder how many in the dock have got interpreters.
  7. it appears those on trial now are from the Kurdish community,will they be deported if found guilty cause ile put my life on it they wasn't born here,
  8. headline on the bbc news dated 8th of jan this year,,,south Yorkshire police,failed to act,over girls rape claims,if someone can put the link up.
  9. south Yorkshire police ignored victims aswell and probabley most of the forces in the country,
  10. theres 9 men on trial at sheff crown court now,for the same offences .and theres lots more trials coming up this year all over the place,no English sounding names though,has the English nonces seem to work on there own ,not in gangs, apart from the whitely brothers .
  11. him and his two brothers trial was supposed to start on the 2nd of this month,theres been nothing in the news saying it started.
  12. another big Pakistani grooming trial going on in leeds,keep away tommy or youle end up in the shovel again for telling the truth
  13. advanced window blinds ,have done all my familys blinds, there showroom hid across the road from attercliffe police station,tel 2425222.
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