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  1. Terminate your armoured cable into a fuse holder with a gland and then run the lighting cable from there. You can use 1.5mm cable for lighting with a 5 amp fuse.
  2. Shared on facebook. I don't want to appear in any way to group certain people living choices but there is a line of caravans near the canal near darnall/attercliffe that can be seen from the tram.
  3. And your evidence of this boy repeating the same mistake later as a man is? I think that is called crystal ball gazing which is a primer for irrational behaviour. You could try going to anger management.
  4. Maybe this should be in the parenting group. You don't have to take your kids out of school to give them quality time and positive influence. Being with peers helps them develop communication skills and hopefully confidence in their growing abilities with the overall objective of learning how to learn.
  5. Well if the studies you link are good enough for rats then they are good enough for you. With all the loft spaces in Tinsley being converted to farms the local bat population has been decimated.
  6. If you are concerned after seeing something then say something https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/national-counter-terrorism-security-office The public are in essence cannon fodder so be vigilant.
  7. Joomla is normally set up in a folder and then a rewrite rule places it to the http://www.website.co.uk. Have a look at the main htaccess file or your control panel redirects. Compress the images with photoshop as a slow loading site is useless and damaging. This one page site can never be optimised as authority is gained by follow through of linked pages, and could be seen to have a 100% bounce rate.
  8. It really makes me sick that businesses that want skills, want others to train them up so they can just hire and fire them. It doesn't work like that so when these directors spit their dummy out because they haven't planned and invested they should be at the back of the queue. Top CEO's are on a role and its up to them to set training guides from school up. Businesses should be talking to the schools not immigration.
  9. Jackie Drayton seems to be keeping a low profile. How are councillors judged to be qualified for their position and are checks carried out for their suitability for the role?
  10. I went last night and the place looks like it is recovering from a bomb. The seats were worn and uncomfortable so hopefully these will soon be replaced and had to go to the other side of the complex to use the loos.
  11. I never get my milk from supermarkets because of how they treat the suppliers and the waste made from plastic bottles. http://www.findmeamilkman.net/
  12. I reckon I could get £1,000 a shield for mounting pieces of Walter Palmer. Anyone want a shield to order?
  13. Why have cup holders in cars if you can't use them, I think common sense dictates that you concentrate on driving in hazardous areas. On long hazard free stretches you could hydrate to keep your concentration.
  14. Can you secure your car in a garage or off the road to stop further attacks, pedestrians sometimes have a grudge with cars parked inconveniently on pavements especially after a night on the beer
  15. Because of the general laziness of Sheffielders along with the hills and valleys most drivers don't experience being a cyclist and have very little empathy for cyclists and other drivers. Alot of work has been done on the Trans Pennnine Trail so a cheap hybrid bike would be good for touring the town and the wonderful off road routes. There are plenty of bike trails around and follow common sense security rules like use solid locks through wheels and frames and take your seat if it has a quick release tube. The bike racks at Meadowhall near the Oasis should be made standard across Sheffield. Timeh is a forum pleb and not worth listening or responding too
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