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CCC/Go Outdoors Bramhall Lane


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Nice post for a miserable day.


Just want to give a gee to the manager Chris and his staff who looked after my son this week. My son is ex military an was medically discharged with a severe injury which makes the winter more than miserable for him.


He has been awarded some money to buy a real winter coat and Chris and his team couldn't do enough to find the right product within his price allowance, and then keep it to once side until someone came in to pay for it.


They really looked after my boy who really could do with someone being nice to him ! ahhh bless em


Thanks to CCC and the team there ! :love:

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We get all our outdoor clobber from there. The staff are fantastic :)


No silly rules about dogs either, so the hound often comes with us, which is great as he's the best method of stopping our toddler from wandering off without a pantomime :rolleyes:

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I've never had anything other than great service there either, from their boot fitting area to the tent poles that developed a problem a couple of years after buying the tent which were replaced without charge (and with a smile as well as some tent poles) even though I'd gone in to find if they could give me some contact details for the supplier so I could buy some more poles.

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