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  1. I am Howards wife Lorna x ---------- Post added 05-03-2018 at 02:13 ---------- LOL Bea was like that, he had a glass eye from an accident when he was at school. A pencil got lodged and he lost his eye, never heard about the wrestling though.
  2. Hi, yes Beatrice is my mother in law and Joe was my husbands stepfather. I do know that Joe went to live with another family when he was young because his parents had a large family and could not provide for them. Looks like it is going to be impossible to find his daughter and I really do want to talk to her about something !!! How sad :-( ---------- Post added 04-03-2018 at 11:32 ---------- I am using find my past and I couldnt find that entry for Joe when he was a laborer. I have his National Service Registration card here and he was in London for a while so I will look at the dates against what you have found
  3. Hi, do you have a Harvey Ernest Rippon, I am looking for his sons daughter. Joseph rippon was born in 1914, I cannot find his first marriage and that is the relevant one, they had a daughter and I do not know her name for sure...Janet is a possibility.
  4. Good Morning All I am back on with this, I really would love it if someone could help me find Joe's daughter or family. Please do let me know if anyone can help x
  5. Move on 12 months and nothing has changed There is a huge thread running on facebook about this My grandson had to go to hospital after running into this table at PLAY ARENA on little London rd. The staff were very rude and the owner would not move the table out of harms way. My daughter moved it and it was put back It has been reported and I shall be taking the matter further. Please share especially if you have been and found it to be an unpleasant unsafe environment like I have read in so many comments left on 26 swaps
  6. HI All Anyone recommend the best place in Sheffield to buy a second hand fridge freezer please ? Thanks in advance
  7. ooooo thanks Obelix I will try that !!! :-)
  8. They wouldn't give us any details, just that they knew where it was coming from and they couldn't resolve it. They said that there is a moral responsibility but not a legal one and they couldn't sort it out for me. :-(
  9. Hi all, thanks for all the replies. They have found where the issue is coming from but cannot do anything about it, so 1-2 meg is the best I am going to get :-(
  10. Hi. No they just said they couldn't get access to the property. They know exactly where it is though apparently.
  11. On the small chance someone from Castlebeck reads this..... Is anyone else having issues with their ADSL (not Fibre Optic) Broadband ? I have had the engineers out half a dozen times now and they say it is a REIN issue. The REIN team have been down but couldn't gain access to the trouble hotspot. Apparently if they do not get access to where ever the issue is coming from it can not be fixed, which is rubbish as my internet is running at about 1-2 meg. Who ever it is that is causing all kinds of electrical interference please geee oer!!!
  12. I would feel for the shop owners on Woodthorpe shops if a Tesco opened, it would kill their trade. On the other hand I would appreciate anyone opening it as something !!!
  13. Still no news on this pub I am guessing :-( It really does look an eyesore !
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