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  1. I think the police have better things to deal with that petty "crimes" of this sort, the city being awash with illegal drugs for one.
  2. I know someone who went 6 months without any money as they contested a esa decision, without friends like myself they'd have had a very rough time. The decision was overturned eventually though he had to wait almost another 3 months for the back money he was owed. Criminals are treated better in most cases.
  3. Cool, though it does limit where you can camp.
  4. Ah, didn't know that. Rather misleading name then.
  5. That's right yes, and here's the streetview view.
  6. A couple of weeks back i went in Maplin for a fan guard, i was told they don't sell them, but they do as i left with the 40mm one i wanted. Strangely they are at the back of the shop with a small selection of fans, and not where most of the fans are displayed.
  7. I've had both excellent and terrible customer service there, and i use the place a lot. Depends which member of staff deals with you in my experience, though i know who to head for now.
  8. Lol, understand totally but i'm not trolling, just call it an alternative solution with a bit of open minded fun thrown in. Don't be so quick to label dude, that's all too easy and predictable.
  9. You're referring to the queens head, the captive was lower norfolk Park. ---------- Post added 09-02-2013 at 01:57 ---------- Just realised there's been a huge mistake here Julie, i highlighted Tony's name above but you've been posting about Paul. Thought it was weird as Tony wouldn't knock a woman about. !
  10. Often found myself that way in the rave years mate.
  11. I'm a dedicated meat eater but late night when the stella kicks in i'll gladly eat thosde green things in the fridge, never harmed me and i'm sure i'd taste ok if eaten.
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