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John Shuttleworth dining question


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Yeah, I know there's several threads about John Shuttleworth, but all old.

Anyway, I'm going to see him later on today as a Christmas prezzie from O/H.

Where's a nice place to go and eat in town? ... I normally eschew it in favour of Derbyshire. Just after a nice place that does good food (near the Crucible) ... not particularly fussed about what kind of food, so long as it's not McDonald's or rubbish like that ... somewhere nice.

This'll only be a very short thread as it's only 27 hours to go and I'll be leaving my computer in about seven hours. Five in the morning now. Suggestions please? :)

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we always go to EGO on theatre nights they do a mix of mediterranean and english food they used to have special offers of 2 courses for £12 or 3 for £15 not sur if they still do this, not massive portions but just right for pre show they also do nice cocktails. It is in the St Pauls Hotel complex overlooking Tudour Square

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