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  1. Anyone any idea where I can get one in Sheffield? I've tried Hillsborough fencing and the place on Archer Road with no luck. The width and length I'm ok with. I can get the base made for whatever size. The height is the issue. The highest part of the lean-to has to be about 3 to 4 inches shorter than standard as its going under a window. Anyone know anywhere local that can either make me this or a joiner willing to shorten a pre-built one?
  2. We had them on our street a while ago. They were sending kids round the backs of the houses first and the kids fetched stuff to the front of the house. Then the white van came along picking up all the "scrap" at the front of the house. I confronted them when I saw them thieving a walking stick to be told "*** off or we'll cut you !" That's when I called the Police and they took off quickly. In a van with false plates the Police told me later.
  3. There is a 06.46 direct from Meadowhall in the morning.
  4. Because these people should know it's a real ale drinking establishment. I drink real ale. My mate drinks lager. Sometimes he even has the audacity to want to drink lager in pubs I frequent.
  5. I've used 1st Class 1st Choice for over 10 years now on 01142331875 For a car it is £58, so not sure on minibus price. Always been the cheapest for me. Always reliable, always decent cars. And I think they only do airport runs, so if there are any hold-ups on the way, they've been great at getting quick alternative routes.
  6. You can set the app to tip if you want. I'll be honest, I don't. Which is another reason it is cheaper. I always used to chuck another 50p-£1 to the driver. So thinking about it, I'm even more in credit.
  7. No, they are just constantly more expensive. As I said earlier, I'm now up to at least 50 Uber trips in Sheffield. Not once have I had to pay a surge price. Even if I did, I'd still be way ahead seeing as City is always £1-2 dearer for a trip in my case. So I'm £50-£100 in credit, and that's not even counting the free rides I've had due to the promotions.
  8. I've only twice not been able to get an Uber, and one of those times City couldn't get one to me within an hour either, so I walked. The other time was 04.30 in a morning.... I got a black cab. I'm probably up to 50+ Ubers in Sheffield. Always on time. Always cheaper. Used to always get a black cab home from town. Now I can get an Uber there and back for less than the price of a bus there and a taxi back.
  9. Have you a licence by the way? Just using your logic. ---------- Post added 17-10-2015 at 18:09 ---------- Where have you seen this? I've not seen even one around here. I saw 40 or 50 in Bangkok. Not one incident.
  10. Not great for early Sunday mornings or returning late at night. First one on a Sunday is 07.51. Arriving back late at night, 23.35 then next one is 05.13
  11. I use one that is £58 each way. Always reliable. Used them for years with no issues. I'm in S8 if that matters at all (not sure where in Sheffield the company is based). 01142331875 This company is almost exclusively airport work by the way. Very handy if they need to another route due to problems. Just looked the name up as I'd forgot. 1st Class 1st Choice Airport Taxis.
  12. Wasn't he on about the gadgets in the original post, not a mobility scooter?
  13. I'm guessing they use them like people here use Brompton cycles. Public transport into Bangkok, then use these for the last mile or two. Just looked them up, 12-20km range depending on weight of user and speed.
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