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  1. No, as I said, I'm not back Mr Bloke. My computer's broken and, to add insult to injury (including injury), can't type particularly well either, mainly due to losing both arms whilst attempting to bump start the Alcocopter by running round in circles, holding on to the rotor blades. I've gone profoundly blind too, so unless you're accepting braille portraits (lentils glued on to the canvas), I don't stand much of a chance.
  2. I'm not coming back, my computer's broken.
  3. Once these 'driverless cars' get onto the road, I can forsee many problems. For instance, a Bugatti's or Koenigsegg's 'algorithm' will be heavily weighed to the self preservation of itself rather than pesky humans and what-not. Quite righly so. Something like a Volvo will be programmed to top itself milliseconds before having to come up with the ethical decision, in the safe knowledge that whatever happens afterward is absolutely nothing to do with itself, thus remaining posthumously blameless ... not to mention that Volvo's safety credentials remain unspoiled, a top selling point for the Swedish car manufacturing bumpkins. If car manufacturers are obliged to fit the same standardised 'decision chip' in the manufacture of their cars, will this open up a whole new market for 'customised decision chip' programmers? If so, I see no point in self-driving cars in the first place, just like Elon Musk who appears to be figuring out how to put them safely into orbit around Mars. Top man! Personally, I enjoy driving, so will never bother with such devices.
  4. Most people would use MIG but I specifically want to use spot-welds as that's how the car was originally manufactured. The welds need to show up under the paint work (no filling). I'm rebuilding the car to concours so attetion to detail is of prime importance. I've looked at the spot-weld attachments for MIG but they're not good enough. Apart from that, MIG is fine (and cheaper).
  5. Some useful comments here, thanks. I intend to see what happens running the spot-welder off 13 amps, but knowing my luck will result in abject failure. Another possibility on top of wiring girlfriend's fuseboard up () is to hire a 16 amp generator. Problem being, I can't do all the work in one go, so don't know wether the hire will run to weeks rather than days ... could be expensive.
  6. Thanks for that! It did occur to me to try it with a 13 amp plug just to see what happened because the worst would be a blown fuse. It was just that google told me not to. Having said that, I don't take everything I read on google as gospel (unlike some), hence asking on here foe advice. The metal I want to spot-weld is fairly thin mild steel ... 21 guage (0.83mm), or less and although you can't adjust the current, you can ajust the time. If I can use 13 amp, there's no need for an extension as the garage has several 13 amp plug sockets. I don't particularly want to muck around wiring in a 16 amp outlet to the girlfriends fuseboard as she gets a bit funny about stuff like that. Not sure about loading or stuff like that, but have no problem powering my MIG or compressor into the 13 amp sockets. The reason I want to spot-weld rather than plug-weld with the MIG is purely for aesthetics (although it's quicker too), as they are how the car was was originally constructed and will be visible. Only just got round to this as was waiting for a new chassis to ensure panel alignments.
  7. Thank you for that oh so sage and constructive critique, really helpful. I'm well aware that I'm going to die, just the same as anything else that's ever lived. One of the things on my bucket list before the inevitable though, is to complete the restoration of the car body shell I'm currently (no pun) wanting to spot-weld together ... not a consultation on this forum with with Doris Stokes/Charles Darwin.
  8. Having successfully won a hard fought ebay auction a couple of months ago, I became the proud new owner of a practically new Clarke spot welder (CSW6T). Now I'm wanting to use the thing I heavily suspect that it needs to run off 16 amps. It doesn't actually say it's 16 amp on the device, but the ABB connector which it came with does. A Google states that I shouldn't put a 13 amp plug on it (although doesn't state how many amps the thing is and I have no idea what '50/60 Hz' means (I know what 'Hz' stands for) I know little about mysterious electricity, but my thinking is to get power into my girlfriend's garage (where I'm working) from her third floor flat is via a 16 amp extension lead chucked over the balcony, which is connected indoors to a wired in 16 amp torpedo connector from the (old style) fuse board. Will this work over a 25 metre fused 16 amp extension lead, and is it easy to wire a 16 amp torpedo connector into a fuseboard? Answers please ...
  9. Actually, contrary to what others on here have postulated, I'm pretty sure I'm not dead yet, just been recovering over the last few months from a head trauma (brain). What actually happened was pretty much of a mistake on my part. Possessing not inconsiderable skills in both nano-electronics and neurosurgery, I thought I could make my goodself and (also recovering) girlfriend 'telepathic', simply by splicing a wi-fi device to our respectgive cerebrums (next lumpy bit down from the temporal lobe for those who're a bit unsure). That way, we'd be able to talk to each other without actually talking … pretty smart, though I say so myself! Very straighforward surgery you may think, but oh no … how the bloody hell was I to know that Talktalk would try to charge double line rental!? Thieving scumbags … I refused to pay. The upshot being that Talktalk effectively turned my brain off, resulting not only with very inconvenient/uncalled for total paralysis, put pretty much the capacity for rational thought as well. Fortunately, a few months later, a couple of friends dropped by … Chicken McGill and Ziggy Sawdust. Upon seeing my vegetative state, and having heard of my proposed telepathy conversion some months prior, put two and two together and managed to 'tether' me to Chicken's Sony Xperia! Eat your heart out Talktalk! As such, I'm functioning pretty well again so long as I'm in clear sight and within twenty foot of Chicken's phone. Bit of a pain as he's a microlight instructor, but hey. Incoming texts make me sneeze too. I managed to ressurect the girlfriend using the same technique the other day … she's a Blackberry DTEC 60 at the mo … 'pay as you go', so has to carry a purse full of change at all times and be close to the newsagent's.
  10. Yep, I saw it shooting over Dore. Strange colour. It appeared to break in two didn't it? Hope it doesn't turn into a meteorite.
  11. Seasonal felicitations to nearly everybody from my now not so likely deathbed.
  12. Thank you everybody for your kind words.
  13. Just noticed this thread. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm not dead yet, just been recovering over the last few months from a head trauma (brain). Hope to be up and running soon.
  14. Anyone possessing the same amount of common sense as my goodself is certainly not going to be fooled by this video … no siree! By careful measurement of the shadow cast by this ‘drone’, many highly complex mathematical calculations (including cosines, hippopotanuses and three dimensional calculus), I estimate the so called ‘drone’ to be sharing pretty much the same sort of airspace as the mothership in Independence Day! Strange isn’t it, that a starship with an overall diameter of something akin to thirty kilometers hasn’t as yet been reported to the police, or even mentioned on this very forum … why? Occam’s gentleman’s facial hair remover would suggest the aliens have now teamed up with the Klingons and can add ‘cloaking devices’ to their advanced apocalyptic technology. ‘What next?’ one asks ones self … is it safe to leave your cellars? Considering all the Independence day ships were destroyed by Will Smith in 1996, one can only surmise that the species of this new kind of invisible ship, hell bent on the destruction of planet Earth and accompanying indigenous lifeforms, are going to start causing mayhem somewhere a little less 'blockbustery hit' than Washington where everyone (including the military and crop-dusters) have still got their beady eyes peeled skyward. Where better to start a sneaky planetary obliteration than Sheffield? It all makes sense.
  15. 'End of days' for me now, only fourteen posts left 'til retirement so I'm choosing carefully what and where to post.
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