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How to stop a motor bike going oxidizing when parked up

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WD evaporates but better than nothing, and as said Vaseline is good. Best stuff is Waxoyl, it's turpentine based and won't harm rubber components. Wipe off with turps soaked cloth at the end of winter.


I always brush it on the cars brake pipes before winter- never fail on the MOT test the following year.


Edit - Haven't used Scottoiler so could be just as good.

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I've seen some very good results from the vacuum packing things, but once your bike is in the bag and stored there's no way to take advantage of a really nice day and nip out for a ride when you have to clean really thoroughly before putting it in storage.

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More detail needed really but ................. cover the bike with a bed sheet NOT anything plastic.


Any product that prevents air and water ingress will do. So you could use oil but the problem is then in removing it. Ask at any m-bike shop and they'll have something that will do the job.


I use a scott oiler product that builds up over time and works - 3 winters now. Vaseline is a good idea especially on chrome. Also, if you hava a Haynes manual it has a section on laying a bike up for winter. It's got more advice than you'll need and I now cut corners .......... the petrol can be kept by adding a preservative. Then restart the bike and get rid of that petrol sharpish by running the bike to the petrol staion and filling up. At least that way you are putting good stuff back in.


You can drain the tank, remove it and pour in some oil to prevent any corrosive build up. Swilling it out later with petrol makes it good to go again. Block off the exhaust so nothing like damp or vermin can get in there. If it's easy you can add a drop of oil via the spark plug hioles to each cylinder but then again a good reliable bike will cope OK without.


Give eveything that pivots, moves or hinges a squirt of oil and wrap her up for winter.


Good Luck.

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