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  1. where abouts are you and what would you like doing i may be able to help out
  2. Just re doing a bathroom for someone which the council contractor s fitted when “modernising” a few years ago and my god everything I’ve touched has failed fallen off or fell to pieces !!!! Plastered over wallpaper soldered joints which fall apart screws hammered in and nails not hammered in properly from one bodge to another , do some tradesmen not take any pride in their work ??? Sorry to all the good ones out there Rant over
  3. has anybody lost a dog in high green ? we have taken a dog in as it was wondering the streets , its well looked after very friendly and looks to have had puppies quite recently from the size of the teats is it your pet ? it looks loved olease contact me if its your dog or you know whos dog is it http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/.../IMG_05881.jpg ---------- Post added 24-06-2017 at 10:31 ---------- Good morning , we have taken the dog to the vets and it is chipped so the vet is giving it a check over and contacting the owners Thanks
  4. http://www.minispares.com/shop/classic/Wheels/Wheels/12.aspx?200302
  5. its the fap (dpf) filter which is clogged , you have to get the car up to temp then go for a 30 min run at over 60 mph in high revs and it should do a regeneration of the fap filter which simply means it will burn the ash away from inside , you have to maintain the speed/revs for the whole time or it will not work or you can take it to your local peugeot dealer and they will do a "forced" regeneration by plugging it into their computer
  6. well you have a safety conscious thought on speeding , if you read the ops description the driver was doing the same as him 50 AND overtaking
  7. you dont need to buy one with locks glass or anything in it just the door shell , everything is easily swapped over , if you get one and cant do it i can do it as its what i do in my daily job
  8. yes would be handy to know as ive got a shed full of car parts i need to move on
  9. its ok polishing it but .... you have to remove the oxidisation from the paint (what turns it pink) before you wax it , give it a REALLY good wash with hot soapy water the get some cutting compound (a little like t-cut but better and what is used in the bodyshop) you need to go over the paintwork with that and the old elbow grease and buff off with a nice soft cloth ( unless you have a buffer), then you go over with the polish
  10. me and the mrs took our 2 ten year olds and our toddler yesterday and to be honest we wasnt that impressed !!! so £14 for entry and parking to get in a PUBLIC recreation park and to see what ? there wasnt really much there
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