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  1. It may to you,but has no place in this thread.
  2. Unfortunatly,they will learn the hard way.The problem is will they drag the rest of us down with them? ---------- Post added 28-01-2015 at 20:26 ---------- oh my are we one post from blaming the jews? ---------- Post added 28-01-2015 at 20:27 ---------- we should def have a like button.
  3. I wonder whats tommorrows news? Farages wife caught wearing her Tuesday knickers on a Wednesday
  4. he is also the person that sold us out and the very reason 75% of our laws are made by people we can not vote in or out,never mind name. Little snake thought he was giving himself the powers,but it seems his promised cosy EU job hasn't been so easy to obtain as he had previously thought. And don't forget the great pension robbery on his watch.
  5. ha ha,you are joking arnt you? why don't you tell us why voting cons makes sense,sell it to me.
  6. VOTE UKIP!!!! Nige is pure gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUzEKrp8rHA .
  7. im not sure you can mention Lab*** in here,maybe the mods could clear it up.Is it just gr**ns or the other partys too?
  8. That's because its mainly out of his hands. He has little control over Traffic and other customers. Anyone who thinks a courier can be there at an exact time obviously has no idea. ---------- Post added 28-01-2015 at 17:15 ---------- what insurances do you have?
  9. yes laughable! "MG400 We will replace existing British Immigration law with an Immigration law which does not discriminate directly on the grounds listed above (see MG205). " wheres 205? And more laughable is how do you suppose they will implement it,as EU immigration regulation is none negotiable? Are the greens suddenly going to pull us from the EU? lets see 205 please
  10. can you tell us what the greens immigration policy is,i struggled to find it but as you seem so well educated you should have no bother.
  11. Im sorry,are you saying the Australia and another 199 countrys have BNP style immigration policys? As for the conservatives giving an early referendum to the british people,as I read it,no such offer has been made and some muddy 2017 offer was,in the midst of smudging going back to renegotiate for a better deal which of course cant be done,nor is there any wish to by the cons.Ifs just more of the same promises that the cons have continually made which have turned into no more than broken promises. UKIP supporters have no intelligence? Now why does it not surprise me,that someone anti UKIP would throw in a few insults.It doesn't bolster your post,it just makes it even more laughable than it is. I trust you are a conservative voter voting for more lies and more of the same,downward spiral,while ignoring the problems British people face everyday. I guess you also think the economy is great lol.Now theres intelligence for you!!
  12. Figures are so often banded about nowadays and generally theres a motive to either keep them low or make them high,depending on what the point of their creation was. I would be curious to see how training one nurse costs 70 grand.It may or may not be right but I seriously doubt it,and if it is right then that makes what Farage says about companys being buried In red tape to the point of strangulation, right. I suspect that its just another con,in excuse for bringing yet more immigrants in and piling more good people on the tax payers expense queue. It really is discusting how the two main partys and the EU are choosing to treat people that arnt immigrants. Its took them awhile but now they realise these people can actually vote,and they will with their feet.
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