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Britain's oldest man - now a Sheffielder

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According to this piece in today's Sun, Britain's oldest man has died at the age of 110 in a care home in Wirksworth.


At the end of the piece it says that the title now passes to Ralph Tarrant of Sheffield, aged 109. Which probably answers the question posed in a thread a little while ago that I can't now find about who the oldest person in Sheffield is (unless there's an older woman in Sheffield).


Anyone know Mr Tarrant?


OMG!!! The Star has beaten us to it. I must say he looks well for 109 - good luck to you Ralph, and I hope you keep going well for a good few years yet!

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“The key to a long and happy marriage is to give each other hell every chance you get,” he says.


“That’s certainly what we did and it kept us young, we were great friends.”


He also says there is no need to live too carefully, having smoked socially until he was 70 and still enjoying a drink.


“I have a sweet tooth too and my favourite meal is cottage pie, which I make myself,” he says.


I think my life expectancy just shot up!

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