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  1. Birmingham & Liverpool have now rescinded their contracts with AMEY. We hear that Julie has asked AMEY to renegotiate Sheffield. They told her to do one. Micheal Keane is assisting some of the citizens of Sheffield to prepare a Peoples Audit.... See below from him... "Michael Keane's post: I've satisfied myself that Amey has misreported work and as a result are likely to have been overpaid by many £millions. For reasons best known to themselves some council officers and elected officials are deliberately blocking public scrutiny of that contract - not just the contract but basic management information that should be readily available. It is coming close to the time where the Auditors should be called in but SCC hold the purse strings and they are the ones blocking public scrutiny. I would like to propose a full on Citizens Audit of that contract that Auditors KPMG and SCC can't ignore. Some 800 volunteers support Sheffield libraries. If just 40 people volunteered it would take two days to do a DVI 'Detailed Visual Inspection' (a highways maintenance term) of every street in Sheffield. SCC are due to write to me on the 14th February but whatever they say actions speak louder than words and I see little of that. With enough support this could be done over a single weekend - the biggest citizens audit in history. Over to you" If the good citizens of this city were to work with SCC and prove the self monitoring contractor AMEY has been over paid (by millions), maybe its time for Julie, Bryan & Jack to back down and take the peace offering. We need to get out of this PFI without paying too much more in fees. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on in this debacle, getting out of the contract now has to be the goal. Why not all work together to achieve this?
  2. Jared was never interviewed by the LP before being selected for Hallam. This really underscores how little the LP give a **** about who we are represented by. I can forgive him his errors in his twenties. I can forgive him his errors in his thirties... I cant forgive the LP for not interviewing MP candidates. Jared hasnt been seen in the HoP or his constituency office since last Octobers incident. If he is unlikely to be around for another couple of months, he should do the decent thing, resign and lets have a by-election. Clinging on will infuriate the Hallam population and all the work Momentum put into the seat will be undone. That's a shame, imho.
  3. Saw this earlier on the STAG website today and was surprised its not bigger news. Went to see if there was anything on SF and nope... couldnt find it here either. https://envirotecmagazine.com/2017/07/26/leaked-emails-prove-veolia-diverting-recycling-waste-to-incineration-in-sheffield/ The whole thing seems farcical.
  4. Yes you can. Call the Box Office on 01142 413040.
  5. You would think that given the LD lost vote, Greens would have a chance in Central. I hope so. Paul Blomfield lost my vote when he couldnt be arsed to turn up for the Syria vote, citing that his leader, Ed Miliband, hadnt asked him to return from holiday.
  6. As long as we have secret childrens courts, the system will be abused by the authorities.
  7. The road through Greno Woods has notedly become a littering site. The last 2 months it has got really bad. Its time there was cameras on here to catch the culprits. Id much prefer cameras catching people dropping litter rather than catching people going 3 miles over a speed limit!
  8. Nigel Slack has made some excellent comments on his blog. http://thepublicinterestsheffield.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/devonshire-street-demolition-approved.html "The public should know all we can about the business of the decision makers that affect our lives, our wallets and our democracy. This is a record of my efforts to try and improve the levels of transparency and accountability within Sheffield City Council and others. To shine a light on how decisions are made and where the money goes. If I can also help others to find their own voice and influence along the way, then that is a bonus. Many people will now be aware that the proposed demolition of numbers 62 – 70 Devonshire Street was approved by the City Council's Planning Committee today. Some will be worried that this is the end of an era for independent shops on Devonshire Street. I hope to show you that this is not necessarily the case. Round one of the fight is over, round two is about to begin. The heritage groups involved in objecting to this proposal have made it clear that, if they can raise the funds, they will challenge this decision through the full extent of the planning process. This is hugely important because if today has proved one thing it is that there is a hole in the planning provisions of this city that you could drive a coach and horses through. The way that planning officers today interpreted the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework (the National laws that govern planning processes) means that developers are now free to do almost anything they want, to any building in Sheffield, heritage asset or not, and the City Council is unlikely to oppose them through fear of litigation. The decision made today about the demolition of Devonshire Street sets a precedent that means almost any protection offered by the NPPF guidelines can be watered down so to prevent developers from threatening to challenge negative decisions. Today's decision was a matter of balance. The planning officer admitted as much, the Councillors on the committee were made aware of that fact and we, as objectors tried to make it clear to them that this meant they did have a real choice. This was not a matter of the committee being unable to legitimately deny the application, it was a case of whether the committee was prepared to accept the potential of a challenge as the price of doing the right thing. They were not, at least not enough of them were. The reason that this has arisen lays directly at the door of the City Council. Sheffield last legitimised it's planning guidelines in 1998 when it developed what is termed the Unitary Development Plan. This gave planners and developers details of what was and was not allowed within the city when it came to new development, demolition and other planning issues. This UDP has been amended by various other plans since. Specific plans for different quarters of the city, the city centre living strategy, guidance on the night time economy and others. The main provisions however have never been reviewed. Other overall development plans for the city have been developed and discussed but none have been adopted. The UDP is now so old that the city's own planning department will no longer rely on it to protect the city or it's heritage from the ravages of profit hungry developers. It's restrictions and guidelines are considered out of date and therefore almost irrelevant to the planning process. How can we expect planning officers to make the reasonable and robust decisions we need when their guidelines are almost non existent. This needs addressing and addressing soon before even more of the city's heritage is, as one Committee member commented this afternoon, “...slowly nibbled away piece by piece...”. With one notable exception the Labour ranks in the Planning Committee seem ill prepared to stand up for the city and the people that elected them. Round one is over, round two is just beginning and a whole new battle is looming on the horizon. Is Sheffield up to the challenge?" I completely agree with Nigel. Our planning dept in Sheffield are a disgrace and have been for years.
  9. I repeat my much earlier post. Go & read the Casey Rotherham report. If you have had any dealings with any officers or councillors within Sheffield you will struggle to cite the same things are not happening in Sheffield. I would personally love to see 5 commissioners come into Sheffield, sweep out the old councillors and officers and get our governance in order in this city. This city desperately needs it, as the leaders we have now are worse than abysmal.
  10. These issues have been going on for years. Sheffield Forum, Sheffield media, Sth Yorkshire Police and Councillors & Officers in all the various boroughs have done their upmost to shut down the conversations and ignore the perpetrators. The floodgates are opening now....
  11. If anyone has read the Rotherham Casey report, what comes across is the lack of professionalism, checks & balances & good governance from both the Councillors & the Officers. Whilst reading it, i continually thought of my own experiences when meeting Sheffield's Councillors, Officers and viewing of their meetings. They are identical problems.
  12. Im spoiling my vote with "No politics in Policing" Whether anyone cares or not is immaterial to me. I will have registered my angst at 4 white career politicians who think they are the right person to oversee our inept SYP, in the only way i think possible.
  13. SYP senior officers and management are beyond inept. The force needs disbanding and the old regime need dragging through the courts and taken to task for what were they actually doing for the last 30 years! I read this today and realised the problems are still worse than ever. They couldnt care less about the citizens they are supposed to represent. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/rotherham-child-grooming-scandal-thirty-4508754
  14. From other forums im reading, the whistle blower may well be true. Vice also have a big UK presence. I wouldnt be so quick to state its USA.
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