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  1. All in all, most opinion-expressers forget that only Conservative MPs choose whom they wish to lead their party. The choice is usually between two candidates, winnowed-down by votes of all Party members- but these members cannot select the leader directly (and still less do non-members have any say). The PM is not a President.
  2. So far as concerns Doncaster Sheffield Friar Tuck Airport, yes.
  3. And what about 'Little Women'? Shame on Louisa May Alcott. OR rather: why on earth are people so antsy about names used historically and not as an opprobrious epithet or insult? See also: Elvis Costello's withdrawal of lyric!
  4. HMG is now consulting on the Law Commission's proposals re leasehold reform. See the website at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/reforming-the-leasehold-and-commonhold-systems-in-england-and-wales/reforming-the-leasehold-and-commonhold-systems-in-england-and-wales
  5. Most of the Vagrancy Act 1824 has been repealed. See https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Geo4/5/83/contents By s.3, the penalty for begging is one month in prison- so not much deterrent effect
  6. Now that the southern end of the routes goes to Dore (81) or Millhouses (82), rather than both services running round the Bents Green loop, there are more likely to be delays- e.g. obstruction of relatively narrower residential roads.
  7. The principal problems are: a. that the Bill will only apply to new leases and will not assist existing leaseholders faced with high and escalating ground rents; and b. the lack of a firm timetable for the more substantive second part of leasehold reform legislation. Another is the sheer complexity of L&T legislation. There are already over 100 whole or part Acts on the subject and, other than a small exercise in 1985, there's never been any consolidation [= the amalgamating of the whole into a single new Act or set of interlocking Acts]. This is a problem for solicitors just as much as for leaseholders! Complain either to your MP or to the Law Commission https://www.lawcom.gov.uk/
  8. No. It's people, not households, whom the NHS immunises.
  9. Aha- that impeccably impartial and evenhanded newspaper The Guardian. Sure to believe its accurate reportage. And the anonymous briefer even more so.
  10. Note that this (CMA edict) applies only to 'doubling every 10yrs' ground rent leases- not to other types, inc. RPI-linked rents. Several landlord companies have seemingly decided to recoup these losses by loading new freehold covenants and extra costs onto tenants (leaseholders) who wish to enfranchise. I've an ongoing battle with Persimmon as to this, at present.
  11. Nobody 'stole' any land (and the concept of 'theft' does not apply to land anyway). But back on the thread's topic...
  12. But what is it that needs 'updating'? Most ant-spam/virus systems offer a premium self-updating version at a cost greater than the (often-free) basic version. So is it the Microsoft stuff, then?
  13. Also, a good broker may be able to locate/use non-standard lenders better suited to considering non-standard borrowers/properties/risks.
  14. I agree. The grounds available for serving a s.8 Notice- NB: this only seeks possession and is not an 'eviction notice'- are limited to those in Schedule 2 to the Act. See https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/50/schedule/2 Note the possible alternative of a s.21 ('no fault') Notice. All of that assumes a Housing Act 1988 letting (AST or SAT). The Rent Act 1977 is quite different. Finally, Shelter's website is often useful. See https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice
  15. Searches: maybe, but there are ready-to-issue Search Delay indemnity insurance policies (@ less than £100 unless purchase price exceeds £1m) which circumvent such delays pre-exchange. HMLR search results are generally quite quick, too, although land registration (post-completion) is currently a long and horrid nightmare.
  16. Yes, although one party (OP, as vendor/V) must not contact the solicitor who acts for the other party (purchaser/P)- conflict of interest problems, you see. But generally transactions are strictly 'subject to contract' for very good reasons. There is no legal relationship between V and P unless/until both- on advice- create a contract.
  17. If it's Labour's results in general, perhaps it's a wooden spoon?
  18. Surtax was not the standard/basic level of Income Tax, however, but an additional tax on top.
  19. Whyever not? Jimmy Young pioneered it decades ago- remember "What's the recipe today, Jim?"?
  20. Yes- but that's journalistic freedom. One can say what one likes, unless it's unlawful. Freedom of speech extends to people with whose views one disagrees. Wokey folk and snowflakes please note!
  21. Maybe he was distinguishing between 'uninterested' and 'disinterested'! But what's that to do with the Labour Party?
  22. But the entire film 'When Harry Met Sally' supports the opposite viewpoint. See https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098635/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_3
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