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Speed up my jogging


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You can't just run faster straight off without working on it in increments though.


Do you currently run at the same pace/effort all the way around your route?


If you do then you'll need to up your fitness levels to change your race pacing and you may be able to do that very simply with doing the same run at the same effort but taking a stopwatch with you and adding a 30 second sprint every 5 minutes, then change that to every 4 minutes, 3 minutes and then working up to running 30 seconds at a sprint then 30 seconds at a normal run.


What is important to recognise is that after 2 years of running at the same pace your body will resist change- it's what human bodies do. Our bodies find the easiest way to do the same thing and will do it expending the least energy possible and it takes lots of effort and focus to change that and keep your body working at full energy.


Whether you add in some gym equipment, treadmill work, circuit training, timed stair running or just adding sprints to make your normal run an interval training session, you need to up your fitness level to run faster so you need to add to what you do already, not substitute for your current run.

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Thanks medusa, that's great advice. I knew I needed to do something as I feel stuck in a rutt and getting a little bored doing the same thing day in day out. But like u say you can't just run faster. Think I will try running with the stop watch. Wish me luck, thanks again :-)

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Have you tried using an app?


I try to do around the same milage as you and like you I'm trying to speed up a little and i find by using an app on my phone which tells me how fast i'm going per minute or KM it can help you pace yourself better.


Give me a shout if you need any more info :)

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Hi Gingerchick,


A few things that have helped me.


I keep a log (spreadsheet) of all my runs; so, I enter date, route, distance, time; and it computes my pace and keeps a record of my best, slowest, and average time for each route I run. It also adds up, how many miles for each month I have run, and my average pace, for each month. So, the point there, is to have a record of performance.


When I'm out running, I always find my most enjoyable and fastest runs, are when I'm not pushing myself too hard. I think it's very important to be relaxed as you run, and give your body time to warm up as your run progresses.


Maybe shift your focus from running faster, to running more miles per month. Let yourself run slower, instead of having a target time in mind, have a target number of miles per month; and run at a relaxed pace.


Also, have you tried any of the (free) park runs around Sheffield. There are 4 already with more planned; every Saturday morning at 9am. Well worth doing as a regular weekly thing if you can fit one it, and it's only 5km, a great way to start your weekend!




If you sign up, you can print out a barcode, and they keep a track of your times for each race (err, sorry, I mean 'run'). So, that's another great way to see how your performance is coming along. Trying to beat your PB is always fun too.


Enjoy! ;)

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Aside from running, it's helpful to do other type of cardio, I like to mix it up with aerobics and cycling, it took me ages to progress faster when I was training last year I just seemed to be stuck and to be honest I was just glad I could run but when I started doing other types of cardio I really noticed a difference, a couple of times during each run really go for it till your really out of breath then slow jog till you get your breath back, this really helps too. Good luck.x

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Hi Gingerchick, If you take a product called ProArgi9 plus this could vastly improve your times it is a vasodilater of the blood vessels which means greater circulation of blood better breathing and more oxgenated blood .I take it all the time as I am into sports and I find I am less out of breath and recover quickly afterwards. It also helps to remove plaque from the arteries and so much more.

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