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  1. Mine at the moment is Faith in nature coconut shampoo & conditioner for my hair Lush soap to wesh mi body Hemp unperfumed body moisturiser Lush block deodorant Sunflower oil/caster oil to cleanse and makeup remover Superdrug cellular water or witch hazel to tone Lush skin drink to moisturise and NSPA eye cream Make is a mix of superdrug and lush - I only wear concealer, powder, and mascara. oh and a coloured lip balm. Oh, not forgetting coconut oil for hair shine and lush sea spray to rough it up a bit. Oh and again, I use lush Ayesha face pack about 3 times a week, after a run as it stop me looking like a beetroot.
  2. Hi there Happy Monsters play and party is holding an Easter Eggstravaganza on Friday 18th April at 4pm - 6pm, there will be hot and cold buffet, egg hunt, crafts, a visit from the easter bunny plus much more. Tickets are on sale now priced at just £8 each. https://www.facebook.com/Happymonstersplayandparty
  3. I don't know, we acquired the till in December, the error code is 31 which isn't an error code so we just put 2 and 2 together, the till is working it just won't print end of day reports since 1st March.
  4. Hi there, have an error on our epos system, I think its due to the dates in February being only 28 rather than the normal 31 as it refuses to print reports since 28th February, does anyone know, or know anyone who does know a bit about these till systems. I don't think its a major thing, just something minor that we can't suss out. Thanks
  5. Really? That's around £21 per day for 3 x breakfasts, 3 x lunches, 3 x dinners plus snacks and drinks, it also includes all toiletries and cleaning stuff.
  6. I used to spend about £150 per week for me and 2 kids - this was about 3 years ago. Now, I wouldn't like to guess, cos there are 5 of us and I don't do all the shopping, nor is it done all in one go. I would probably cry if I totted it all up cos I could probably buy more shoes if I budgeted properly
  7. It's not fair, nor is having to pay ridiculously high prices to park in town whilst working there all day, or having to pay for park and ride to get into work, or pay to shop etc etc.
  8. I think it's down to the kinds of people we interact with on here. Most of the personalities on here are totally different from any of the people I encounter in real life, therefore I don't see the way I am on here as real life. I get what I mean, even if you don't
  9. The 'race' thing must be lost on me, I guess some people just see a 'race' story in every story though eh?!
  10. Oh remove your anal rod!! I'd rather our roads are safer for everyone because accidents can be devastating, you see that as something to pick at, good for you, I'm sure the world is a better place for you being in it.
  11. Talk about blow things out of proportion Did you read my original post? 'It would be a lot safer for everyone if cyclists had some kind of road safety course and test before being allowed to cycle on the roads' gawd give me strength, I'm off for some cake now, so my fat arse will be your fault.
  12. 100 dents a year that could have been avoided Since this is a thread about the safety of cyclists I think my comment was legitimate, but rant away about anything you want old boy, I'm sure your soul will be better for it
  13. OMG are you for real!!!!!! That is my opinion, how would it not be safer for anyone other than the cyclist? How do motorcyclists learn to ride their motorcycles, oh yes, under instruction on the roads. I don't know do most cyclists hold full driving licenses? Can you show me your proof?
  14. It would be a lot safer for everyone if cyclists had some kind of road safety course and test before being allowed to cycle on the roads. Glad she's not badly hurt.
  15. having sex in a deserted public place. going through a red light when there is no other traffic on the road. I suppose even shagging the dead would be classed as victimless (as long as no-one finds out)
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