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Udders (Huddersfield) v Owls - 29/12/12 - Match thread


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I reckon saturated on the inside with the stadium name would be ok for Dobby? :)


Ok, do not want to jinx anything but we are playing well atm.......

We are attacking but remembering to drop back in formation when necessary.

Madine has something to prove today - Prutton doing ok so far - Reda needs to keep his head today (please) or he's in for a ban.

Oh sshhugar Helan should be off....


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Well - can't wait to see what comes out in the wash at the end of this game with that fiasco!

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Why doesn't DJ sub him off now before ref realises?....

Can't see how he can write name and number in book for first one then write in same book again and not see it??? Is it me?


BBC showing he's only been booked once!

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8:30 Booking - Booking for Jeremy Helan for unsporting behaviour.

21:49 Booking - Booking Jack Hunt is cautioned.

29:22 Booking - Booking Adam Hammill goes into the book for unsporting behaviour.

45:00 +0:11 Booking - Booking Reda Johnson receives a caution


all H and J's lol

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