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  1. Hi If you are still looking Middlewood Rovers under 17's are looking for a coach. Some very good footballers in there with others who need some developing if you are interested.
  2. Middle Rovers under 17's looking for 3-4 players for next season. Give me a call on 07788805629 if interested.
  3. I've asked this fairly straight forward question to a number of people without a response so let me try on here. The Government says it is ending Freedom of Movement as well as there will be no Hard Border between the North and South of Ireland. So without a border how do you stop an economic migrant going up to Belfast and over to England. Surely a border control of some description is essential or I@m missing something obvious here.
  4. Hi Middlewood Rovers Under 17’s need 3-4 players for the upcoming season. Smashing bunch of lads who play at Handsworth in the new under 17 league. If you know of someone looking for a team then please message me for more details. Thanks ---------- Post added 02-08-2018 at 13:13 ---------- Still looking for 3-4 more players. Ideally a keeper, a defender and 1/2 strikers. Mainly new set of lads, who are bonding together very well. If interested call me on 07788805629 and I'll give you more information. thanks
  5. Sorry missed this Stones Hoyland Common Falcons Maguire Brunsmeer Cahill Dronfield or AFC Dronfield Vardy wickersley Youth Walker Charnock They're doing allright at the moment as well
  6. Sheffield Junior Football league is one of the best in the country and 5 former players (Stones, Cahill, Walker, Maguire and Vardy) are all at the world Cup with England. Great achievement this and credit to the league for their involvement in them getting there. Got me thinking though, could we have an all South Yorkshire team and who else would make it.
  7. Wonder if we'll see another magic money tree appearing and its contents heading across the Irish Sea.
  8. Now that the dark nights are here I'd like recommendations for a good murder mystery series. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime if anyone can think of anything on there. Thanks
  9. I haven't read that FF won't be available, I thought they'd said it was the end of the matter! If he can play I hope he does, I'd like to see him on the left, Winnall on the right and Hooper down the middle with a midfield 3 of Bannan, Wallace and Jones.
  10. Having watched the Boro game and the highlights from last night I'm wondering it United fans are prepared to acknowledge there's a big gap between league 1 and Championship. Last night looked to me as if Cardiff did to you what you were doing to the opposition last season and I noticed Rotherham won 5-0 at the weekend which given their results last season would seem to indicate a big drop down in quality.
  11. Throughout the summer I've regularly cycled the 16 miles either to or from work and now I'm looking to increase this to both ways with the assistance of an ebike purchased through cycle to work scheme. My route is excellent as it's almost all on the Trans Pennine Trail and I'd like to save a bit more money by reducing the amount I use the car. Just wondering how far people cycle to and from work and what the pitfalls are.
  12. I went on Saturday and it was awful. What's getting to me is this obsession that we need a Central Defender when in reality our midfield were shocking and the defence kept the score down. I don't know what Reach and Boyd bring, Bannan was poor and Hutchinson looked way off the pace. Personally I'd replace all 4 for Saturday but I bet he doesn't.
  13. I'm currently a member of a Golf Club but I'm not playing enough to justifymy membership and I've seen this offered. It's done on a points matrix system in which you get a number of points a year and the less popular times need less points. The scheme seems ideal to me but just wondering if anyone is currently on it that could give me some of the pitfalls of doing it. Thanks
  14. What I don't understand is why we don't sell a striker or central midfielder or both in order to fund a couple of defenders.
  15. I went to this game last night and I’ve got a few observations from it: Players that must start against Preston- Westwood, Tom Lees, Hooper, FF, Bannan and Wallace. For the first 25-30 minutes we played some lovely football and most of this came from FF out on the left which is why I think he needs to start there. They then came into the game until Bannan came on and from then on we dominated. Problem areas- Left back and Centre back. For me Fox or Reach aren’t good enough in the Left Back position and Pudil must go back there (he did well up until Huddersfield game last season). At Centre Back we need to get Hutchinson in there as we have an abundance of good midfielders and he’s a good Centre Back. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been tried pre-season unless he is refusing to play there. I’m of the opinion we shouldn’t be buying players for these positions unless we can exchange strikers and/or central midfielders. Team cohesion- I know this won’t be popular but this squad is too big and players who have done well pre-season like Jones and Reach looked naffed off at having to make way for other players. Reach, Jones,Abdi, Winnall and Matias can play at this level but they are unlikely to get played and I’m not sure we can keep them happy for long if this is the case The Bird- Hope the poor thing is ok
  16. Chatting today with someone about sporting events we'd like to go to and my top 3 are World cup final Last day at Masters Monaco GP The best I can offer that I've attended are F.A cup final and a couple of Open Championship final days. Has anyone been to a World Cup final, a Wimbledon final, a superbowl or something else really popular
  17. To be honest the issue regarding the differing statistics highlights the absurdity of the situation. We don’t know how many of our own people live abroad, or how many from abroad live here and I would suggest we don’t have a clear definition of “live” in order to be able to make that judgement. So given the current position we are then led to believe that over the next 18 months the Government will have a clear position on the following: • How many of our own people will be allowed to move to Europe • When the above has been negotiated then we can determine how many we are prepared to allow to move here • Upon reaching this decision we then need to create a selection process which presumably factors in things like: Age, Job skills, areas to live and subsequent funding for those areas, family size, employers requirements, ability to move straight away, Educational achievements and presumably other things I’ve not thought of • Having then decided this we then need to employ an army (probably huge army) of people to monitor: No’s leaving, No’s coming in and this monitoring must involve patrolling coasts (an impossible task to start with) reacting quickly when targets drift from agreed levels (presumably this means change the rules to allow more or less in and out), employing thousands of Immigration officers to check the status of those applying and returning, as well as Border control staff at Ports and Airports Forgive my cynicism but when we can’t agree on the meaning of “live” or have any idea of numbers already here then how the heck are we going to get all this done in 18 months. We are drifting slowly into chaos, which will swiftly be followed by anarchy. Where’s my Irish passport.
  18. I went to this last night and it felt a bit odd. Of those that played, the players I don’t normally rate were very good and those I do like were very poor (with the exception of Lees). Fox was excellent all night, Matias and Reach looked excellent for the halves they played and Jones along with lees would be my man of the match. Of the others: Bannan had a mare in which none of his passes seemed to come off Hooper looks like he’s been on all-inclusive all summer Joao looked disinterested Boyd doesn’t seem to offer any more than what we have Winnall struggled first half Overall it was promising to see us getting the ball into the box much quicker, but it was against poor opposition.
  19. I'm not sure when this is dated but I do love the irony of this. It seems we have more people living abroad than any other European country and that we are only second to Mexico in the worldwide numbers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't people seem to think migration is wrong or is it only wrong when people come here and not when we go there. http://metro.co.uk/2015/11/06/so-many-british-people-live-abroad-that-now-the-immigration-debate-is-about-us-5485131/
  20. I want the right to be able to live and work in any EU country for all members of my family. The prospect of Border Control Officers patrolling our shores to keep people out and in fills me with immense sadness/anger. ---------- Post added 10-07-2017 at 13:06 ---------- I agree with you regarding the ex-pats, they've been left out of this debate for a while and they could be significantly affected by it. I'm seriously contemplating the Irish passport option for myself and children so that they can keep these rights.
  21. Oh this is going to get nasty! So the EU have knocked back the PM's offer to EU citizens. Call me selfish but I have to say I'm with the EU on this, I want the same rights enjoyed by the rest of Europe.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-40552318
  22. Just wondering if anyone has read anywhere about how many more Immigration Officers we will need. My eldest lad is looking for a career change and this would seem to have plenty of longevity in it now.
  23. Following on from the successful thread about Corbyn bribing Students in return for their votes I thought that in the interests of balance I'd pose a similar question relating to the Tories. The Tories are doing a deal with the DUP which is alleged to be costing between 2 and 2.5 Billion pounds. In Northern Ireland there's around 1.2 million people registered to vote meaning this is the equivalent of around £1700-£2200 per person. As South Yorkshire is around the same size would you take £2000 per adult in return for our MP's backing the Government, Personally I wouldn't and I believe it's wrong for so many reasons that the Tories are prepared to a deal on any terms but even more so with the silly sums of money being banded about
  24. I've seen somewhere that there's Lancaster and Spitfire flypast tomorrow over Doncaster and Rotherham. Does anyone know the timings of this and/or the scheduled flightpath. Thanks
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